Thursday, June 30, 2011

Savannah GA and 1 more day.

Hinesville GA to Savannah GA ( 53 miles )

Made it all the way to the east side of Georgia today and 1 more day to go. It was so nice to get a text that Kelly, Creean and Pavin were leaving the same time I did this morning. I had a much shorter day!!

Good storm last night brought a nice fog this morning. lasted til 9:00 or so before it burned off. Almost half way to Savannah by then. It was a 1 stop day for drinks and a quick rest, then on into Savannah.

What a cool town and history lesson I got today. A lot going on here since 1733. Original state capital, civil war battles, slavery, and ship trading in one of the original 13 colonies. Really cool town to visit if you haven't already!

Had a good lunch at a local brewery, checked in to the hotel, and I took a 10 mile ride to the Bonaventure Cemetery. Well worth the ride, it was way cool to see how the plots were laid out, all of the family members in the plots and 200 years of historical burying. Very cool, and I'd call it a must see if you are here.

Then a stroll along the river walk ( couple pub drinks and dinner along the stroll ). All the historical cobblestone streets and rise up the river banks to the town, the warehouse, and the whole river was very neat.

After that on to a Haunted city tour in the back of hearse. Great ghost stories, great history of the 100 of thousands of people that dies in battles, slavery, and drunken sailor escapades was a great time.

Foggy morning.

Foggy ride.

1/2 way Richmond Hill GA

Even the road markers wear a helmet.

Done and ready for lunch.

Our pub crawl count was 3.

Ready to honor the dead.

I didn't recognize any names.

One of the more elaborate plots

Plot "A1".

Streets from the river up to the city.

The old mortuary is now a haunted bed and breakfast.

Free Masons from 1734!

I wasn't in that one, but I was in one of them.

Original bar and brothel built in 1734. Priorities, gotta build that as soon as the city was settled.

This bridge starts the last day!

I can't wait for tomorrow to see my family after 6 weeks!!!

Stats - 53 miles ( 2,475 )
Calories - 3,101 ( 138,960 )
Time - 4:48 (196:04)
Total Climb - 499 ( 61,842 ft )


  1. So, John ... when you get back to Indy, are you going to bicycle to all your destinations ?? You'll need to get a bicycle built for 2 so Kel can join you ! :-D Or ..... will you be so sick of the bicycle that you will put it away for several weeks? Hope you enjoy your stay on Hilton Head and getting to know your wife and family again !! Love ya ..

  2. I just hope you enjoyed the time you spent in my adopted state. Will be a dyed in the wool Hoosier always but Georgia is great, it tugs at my heartstrings because of all the great people who just want to help take care of you here! Hope you enjoyed your time here. I enjoyed your blog!

  3. Congratulations John! It has been a blast following your trip here on this blog. Looking forward to hearing about the trip in person over lunch sometime. Hey it was great to have Creean down to FL. Talk to you soon!