Thursday, June 23, 2011

56 or 96

Biloxi MS to Gulf Shores AL ( 96 miles )

Ahh the memories of the west coast part of the trip. Decisions to make a day of it or not. Pretty much needed to decide whether it was a short or long day. Sometimes the maps still don't really line up for places to sleep. Since 56 miles is a puny day, 96 it is. There really wasn't a good option in Bayou La Batre, si it was 20 miles to Dauphin Island, 45 minute rest on the ferry, and then 21 miles into Gulf Shores AL. Had a pretty warm day down here after it got heated up around 1:00. Kind of didn't expect that as the forecast was 50% chance of rain. Thought we'd have overcast sky's.

Did 3 "Big" bridges. Most of those hit 100 feet over the water from the looks of the Garmin data. Measured a 5% grade on the climb. That' a who cares when it takes all of 5 minutes to climb that at this point in the game. I'm not even going into the "little ring" on the gears for help getting up. Had one first thing out of Biloxi, then Pascagoula and then a 4-5 mile bridge and climb onto Dauphin Island.

That was a long day on the rod at almost 11 hours and that means a tired John that didn't venture out to find a good story but collected some pictures to try and remember the day.

Getting going at 6:15. That's the Gulf way at the end of the street.

Double A's ready to go too. That's the house we stayed in behind there.

Famous Biloxi Light House.

Bridge #1 for the day 2 miles long.

Bridge photo op.

Bridge #2 for the day

Building Ships and storing shrimp boats.

Yep another flat!

Making Pipelines. (How do they do that!)

Sweet Home Alabama, where the roads are narrow. Sweet Home Alabama, where the bridges are biker friendly!

Unclaimed property. Seriously some of the worst roads are between the 2 state signs where apparently somebody doesn't want to take ownership of taking care of the road. Even the the Black Water Saloon there on the left stuck between 2 states didn't know what to do. Road dedication store here was from 1928!

Small bridge didn't count but they were building a ship here too.

No more peeing on the side of the road ( Aleena's here now )

5 mile bridge, 100 foot climb, 20 MPH crosswind, let's go get it.

Closer now.

Piece of cake, wasn't as bad as it looked.

Bring on the Ferry ride!!

On this trip.. Car,check. Plane, check. Train, check. Bike, CHECK!, Boat, check.

I made the Captain wave to me!!

Looking good.

Finishing off the day in the Gulf Shores area. Tough 20 miles to wrap it off getting of the ferry.

Stats - 96 miles (1,952)
Calories - 5240 ( 108,464 )
Time - 7:55 (157:35) Longest day riding
Total Climb - 666 ( 53,939 ft )

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  1. I love that you made the captain wave - I'm rubbing off on you :-) Long, nutty Century Ride (it counts in my book)! What's truly amazing is to hear you talk about this one vs. the one you did when there were mountains & a desert in your way. Can tell my Johnny is hitting his stride. You up for just turning around and riding back?