Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm going to be a Slayer.

Mamou LA to Simmesport LA ( 78 miles )

OK, I can't wait to go out after the sun sets tonight!! I've studied and I'm ready to be a Vampire Slayer. And I've got all the gear. See, I'm even carrying my stake now.

I spent the entire day ( other than pedaling ) in the grave yards. I can't make this stuff probably do not know this, because you haven't been on these specific roads I've been on, but Vampires are buried above ground. I have tons of pictures for you of all the vampires I'm going after tonight. Seriously this is going to be fun there are so many opportunities here it isn't funny. Remember I'm just after the ones above ground.

I'm sure there will be more to this story later.

Started with a good breakfast.

Faye wasn't the "real queen", but I bestowed upon her the queendom anyway.

My quest for an old camera with a metal tripod connector was not able to end here. But the s**t I saw here had my hopes up.

Just a pretty little farm house with cool trees.

Mississippi Sportsman, I DON'T THINK SO, that's a woman's job down here!

Break time, great horse, I wish I would have had him out west. He doesn't need much water either. ( I hadn't noticed he's a zebra, maybe he wouldn't do well in the west, I'm sure he'd get laughed at, start feeling insecure and then I'm stuck taking care of a depressed zebra. Yeah that wouldn't have worked out for either of us)

How many poles does it take? I have no idea I didn't notice in time to get the high number. But somewhere around 40 in a 4 mile stretch

OK....back right bag and the hanging down strap story. Little tiny dogs are no problem. As a matter of fact I laughed out loud at one today running after me and wiped out in the ditch. Little dogs, short legs can't keep up. Big dogs ( haven't had a mean one yet, so... jury still out) basically they could keep up and maybe catch me, but they have a short attention span and short range. Pretty much no problem. Medium size dogs are the ones to watch. As a matter of fact, one grabbed the strap today and gave me a little tug while his buddy ran the other side of the bike. I was pretty much already going 17 MPH, kicked it up to 21 and easily got away. But I was a little shocked he grabbed that. Then 1/4 mile latter, I scared two squirrels but didn't see them. I jumped a mile thinking they were running after me when they were running to the tree to get away from me. I'm sure the dogs laughed back at me!!

Had to get the TP out today and carry in the travel bag. Only because I scrapped my knee on the pedal and it was bleeding. Seriously, I'm not needing TP along the side of the road for anything else!!

When I'm done tonight, the stake will be right there just in case I miss one.

Seriously, this is fun.

Oh 1 more thing.... Gators are on the horizon. Asked the lady in the store for lunch and she said the Morganza Spillway is the place to see them. That's coming up tomorrow. Maybe I have a dual purpose stake!!

Stats - 78.2 miles (1,658)
Calories - 4,397 ( 92,362 )
Time - 5:37 (133:46)
Total Climb - 154 ( 51,856 ft )


  1. Living dangerously there, John ... ONE stake??? I'll be interested to hear more of these stories ;-D

  2. I am really trying to figure out how you look with leather high heels on (follow "all the gear" link);) And how do leather high heels and crucifixes go together?? Hilarious blog!

  3. Hmm... this is the second post that made me think John is losing his mind.