Monday, June 27, 2011

That's the longest day I have left

Tallahassee FL - Valdosta GA ( 75 miles )

I can't believe there's only 4 more days left! I can't really tell if it's been a long time or short time riding at this point. Some of the trip seems just like yesterday even though it was 5 weeks ago. And then as I was re-reading some of my earlier posts, it seems like they were forever ago. It's just a little unusual how "time" is seemingly different after doing this for 6 weeks.

Anyway, I keep getting lazy here and not really checking over my bike at night when I need to. First, its an awesome bike and it's easy to take advantage of not paying attention to it. I worked a little too hard this morning for 20 miles because the back tire was about half inflated. I couldn't figure out why Aaron and Aleena were kicking my a** today, one stop Aaron says "I have a confession, we had pizza and pasta last night, we are really feeling good today". I said "That must be it, I can't keep up with you". The next stop I said "Maybe it was my air pressure? I just pumped up my tire, let's see how the next 15 miles goes". Back to our normal riding where I'm the lead wolf the rest of the day.

Rode out of Tallahassee pretty much against the inbound rush hour traffic. It was about 20 miles to the Georgia state line and then 15 more into Thomasville GA. Took a quick bicycle shop stop for some supplies and then on the east side of town a quick C-store stop to refil drinks and some food. Breeze through Boston GA ( they just have a mini-marathon) and then Quitman was another 15 miles down the road. Quick stop for 3 fun size snickers and a water and off to Valdosta GA right off I-75 for the night.

Georgia roads are a bit not fun. 3 foot shoulder with a 1 1/2 foot rumble strip. Just took the bulldozer and ran it along side the road when they laid the black top. Some of it wasn't quite so bad, but most of the day was riding the white line and looking in the mirror to make sure people moved over to the left lane ( at least it was a 4 lane divided highway all day long).

Learn more here, or trust me. The Armadillo must be over populated ( so their odds are higher), the stupidest or slowest animal, or both. Thought I'd seen them all, but there were dozens of them scattered amongst the road kill today. I also see that they have poor vision ( but that's gotta be theory, how do we really know that). They are furry on the bottom, they have short legs, and their shell can not ( I repeat can not) with stand a car's weight, let alone a truck's weight. They smell and the buzzards seem to enjoy them fresh. Whatever it is, they are so not any good at crossing the road.

I've got 2 - 66 mile days and then splitting the last 80 over 2 days. Now it's the home stretch and it's going to be great to finish off this ride. Just need to make sure I don't hurt myself a this point!

Day break at the Tallahassee HoJo.

Good Bye I-10, been following you a long way.

Jogging with the twins early in the morning uphill.

Typical view.

I know they were way ahead of me cause of the low tire. They already had their picture taken and trying to get out of there before me.

Hello Georgia, you've got the best and most over engineered rumble strips.

Bike Shop stop.

Food stop shop. Bun, slab of ham 1/2" thick, slice of cheese. Presto, ham sandwich.

We can live with that rumble strip.

Seriously wanted to ride underneath that, couldn't catch him. Those things can move BTW!

Boston. I've been all over the place.

Pecan groves again. deja vu of being all the back in New Mexico.

Quitman GA courthouse. They don't have the same flair as Indiana courthouses though.

The Withlacoochee river. Where did these names come from?

Easily the most unique shower I've had. Shower nozzle in the back.

Going so fast I blurred.

Stats - 75 miles (2,289)
Calories - 4,345 ( 128,086 )
Time - 5:24 (182:34)
Total Climb - 1,752 ( 60,615 ft ) That's 2 Mount Everests!!

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  1. You're in my country now! Grab ya some boiled peanuts while here spend a little time in Savannah, roll by and see the Forrest Gump bench and the Johnny Mercer House.