Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting to smell roses!

I hate to say it because I have another 1300 miles to go, felt like I can almost start to smell the roses ( yellow ones in TX right?). I can certainly knock out 65-70 miles a day on these roads and in the 6 hours or so I'd hoped for from the beginning. However, I'm still only half way ( that's hard to believe ), I still have to plan, be safe and pedal, I still have winds ( 20MPH today ) , heat and humidity, AND for some reason everyday has brought some type of surprise that seems to tack on some extra time. But now at least I can look at the maps everyday without dreading what the look like. Tomorrow I'll be done with map #4 and have 3 left in 3 weeks. The next 3 maps have no more elevation guide to show you what to climb. That's a spirit lifter too.

I am so glad everything I've heard about east of Austin, things get better is true. The hills are flatter and less work, the roads are paved like you'd hope for. Today's ride was pretty smooth, I had about 20 miles in Austin morning rush hour traffic that was on a 6 lane highway PLUS a whole lane right shoulder all to myself, so it was just make sure the right turners waited for me and the no one pulled out in front of me. (I didn't tell Kelly earlier, that almost happened back in Arizona, I just about lost the back of my bike).

Then another 20 miles on a different road but with a full shoulder and small towns every 10 miles. No more carrying gallons of water for this guy. Then it got a little hairy with 15 miles of 4 lane highway, 70 MPH traffic, 15 MPH cross wind to headwind, and NO shoulder to ride in. It was all pedal hard, look in mirror to make sure traffic sees me and repeat. Detoured a couple extra miles so I could get off that road and through some other country roads to get here safely.

Checked in by 2:00, caught up on some work stuff, and had a great BBQ dinner. Off to Navasota TX tomorrow and then a Saturday is a rest day ( I think, I'll see what that town is all about first ).

I know that's it, didn't find anyone interesting on the road today. But I had time to take some fun pictures today. Make sure you double click on them to see some of the finer details.

Stats - 64.8 miles (1,238)
Calories - 3435 ( 68610 )
Time - 5:12 (102:31)
Total Climb - 1512 ( 46,109 ft )

I got to stay in a real house, with great people, and great food. Thanks McGowans!!

This eats rock, I saw it in action yesterday!

Seriously, I was catching him, he looked back, was embarrassed and took off. Went down a side street like I was going to kick his a**.

This one's for you Creean ( not the stupid trailer in the frame)!

Really, nice sidewalk.

Sonic break for cherry slushie and monster brain freeze. Bad idea, but I had to use their bathroom.

1 USA flag, 2 Texas flags. Somebody's a little hung up on themselves.

Seriously, double click this image and blow it up. Something weird about, cattle and women's gym and message in the same frame.

I think I'll start pulling one of these behind me.

Oh Sh*t, piles of gravel. That means road construction.

Nice little test strip on the highway. I picked #28.

Oh my, this was a bad fire in front of about 500 feet of road. I'm thinking how the heck does that happen?

Then it was this. Ouch, not good I bet it was a vary bad scene, skid marks and a cross :(

These things are all over and usually 3-5 per day are seen ( but this one's the worst by far!)

This one's for Pavin.

Giddings TX park complete with covered basketball court.

These are for you Mom! ( we grew up in Lee County IL, I'll still take that over Lee County TX).

Yep, it really does need a little touch up.

Mexican and Chinese in the same building.

Passed about 10 of these kind of BBQ joints today. Every single one of them smelled great and this is what I had for dinner.

This one's for you Kelly, come on out and join me!!

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  1. Dear Johnny,
    Thank you for my surprise letter today from El Paso, TX. I loved every word!!

    It was great to hear the smile back in your voice tonight when we talked. I've been worried that the desert heat, sh**ty roads and the general hellish hilly/mountainous rides of the west might have taken that away. It's back and here to stay!

    I think hauling your own cabin is definitely advisable...especially after hearing about your primitive camping skills. Note to albino polar bears: John White meat is an easy target, you won't even break a sweat running this guy down while he's "airing" out.

    No bike ride please ....really, I mean like ever. Have you read that guy, John White's, blog? It sounds like A LOT of work! I love you and the unusual things you do but a Jeep Wrangler with an engine that propels me is much more my style.

    PS You probably shouldn't tell me things that you didn't tell me earlier - you will make me a bit crazed with worry.

    Love you Johnny - you're half way there!!