Sunday, July 22, 2018

Back home and back to "normal"

Cree says:

Back in Colorado! While it makes for bland blogging, a trip this size demands a bit of time (that has not yet elapsed) to be processed. However, I know a few things with certainty as I think back on this surreal 3 week trip (side note: it seriously feels like we were gone for 3 months).

- Some things you just can't prepare for, but you can still commit to
- If your heart (and end game) is synchronized with a partner, it doesn't matter if anything else is 
- Just because we perceive things a certain way, does not solidify such as a valid reality
- Adaptation is the name of the game
- Challenges dissipate the closer you get to them (and if not, you just get to where you're going slower)
- Having a new experience is priceless 
- Profound movement can be found in the simplest of scenarios
- I have so much love and respect for my dad 
- If/when I do this again I will do much more research on elevation of routes
- I curse a lot when in pain 
- Quick ride around the neighborhood, dad?

He says:

Said it earlier, but I/we could not have done this without Kelly's support for us AND on the home front. She took care of the house, dog and all kinds of various things on here own while we were gone. HUGE thanks to Jim for helping me build our little company that allowed me to be able to go out and do these kind of things (and supporting these little adventures). Thanks to all of you reading this ( or not reading this ) and sending texts, emails or any other form of support along the way. We really felt the love out there how ever you threw it our way!

Like I said a couple posts ago, you really can do WAY more than you think you can no what what it is you pick to do. Just get out there, make yourself vulnerable, and then push right through any walls and barriers with all you have. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplished with the mindset. Creean is now an amazing example of this. There are so many reasons for her to have just said "this is enough and it's all I have". No one would have thought any less of her had we bailed in there along the way somewhere. But she really did push her way through it all on her own will and I could not be any more proud and happier for her for making this trip a reality she gets to keep for life. So way to go Creean!

Miles - 19 (1,007 total)
Calories - 983  (48,797 total)
Time - 2:00 (113:30 total)
Total Climb - 801 feet (37,051 total)
Wake Forest NC  -Raleigh NC
Holiday Inn 

Too much food and too much alcohol celebrating in Raleigh

Maps ( click on the links) and map images

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3

Last day to ride away from a hotel

Various pics from the roads, neighborhoods and such in Raleigh

Last McDonalds breakfast stop

Riding selfies

No question on where we are at

Last stop before we finally stop!

One Last turn!

Here's just all kinds of finish pictures! It was only fitting to find the George Washington statues in Raleigh as we saw these all over this trip. 

Found the Monkey's Butt powder ( which we used ) at the Ugly Monkey bar 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Raleigh NC and DMB...we made it!

Real quick one here and then we'll post some final thoughts on Sunday on the way home.


It was a relatively easy 19 miles in to Raleigh, although the main thought of the day was "do not get hit and do not have an accident".  

I am so happy and proud of Creean for her incredible amount of determination.
It really took a lot of effort these last 22 days and she is a rock star!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Last Stop

Cree says:

Well, well, well. Today was pretty. It is amazing how different the scenery and topography of NC is compared to the other states; come to think of it, a good few of the states we have gone through are so distinct. I was going to say how great it is that NC is so very flat, however there were a couple hills today that wore me down. Also, we have been on route 1 here, which has a picture of a bike on every sign for it, and it has zero bike room - riddle me that NC?! Oh well, seems like both of us are about out of energy. We had a great pace today, however, my mind was at the "95% am over pedaling" mark. 

Overall, I am feeling very grateful for this opportunity. I am processing a couple of solid learning moments and feeling so thankful for the support of our family and friends; your encouragement has been everything! Also, HUGE thanks to all the drivers who have kept their eyes on the road and kept us safe! I have a whole new perspective on what "sharing the road" means.

He says:

Great 12 MPH pace today for sure. Some of that was the wind although it was swirling and in all sorts of direction today. Some of that is knowing we are only riding 3 hours, so no need to save up. And some of that is just wanting to be off the bikes.  We really are both ready to be done.

As I wrap up here on this trip (I think I may retire), I do find my self wondering how the heck I pulled this one off. I had maybe 200 miles of training (not really enough), 7 more years on this body than the last trip, and quite busier work wise than the last time around. So the odds were a little against me. I really would only hope that people can realize you can do whatever it is you set out to do. No matter what you decide to do (I just happened to have picked this bike touring thing), you really can push yourself further than you can imagine.  My two trips combined will be 9 weeks on a bike, cover almost 4,000 miles, and will touch 20 states (plus DC).  Just eight years ago, this wasn't even an idea yet. But with the best and right kind of support (Kelly AND Jim) and enough determination (wether mine or Creean's) this all happened and I'm a better person for the whole experience.

Thanks everyone for reading along and rooting us on, we felt the love!

Miles - 33 (988 total)
Calories - 1,829  (47,814 total)
Time - 2:45 (111:30 total)
Total Climb - 1,273 feet (36,250 total)
Henderson NC - Wake Forest NC
Sleep Inn Room 116
Charlie's Kabob (chicken pita and chicken & cheese hoagie)

Someone couldn't wait to get going today. After I pumped all the tires up and threatened to leave here in the dust

Off and running

NC has some odd signs specially built. These were out on the road all day long in various designs with good detail!

These have to start somehow and somewhere I guess. I just have to think, you have to know a lot of neighbors to get this started and we are in a very rural place ( there was not a church here)

Almost right across the road, but this seemed more family oriented.


Tobacco and scattered corn today

I really couldn't keep up today. But this was a young lady with a nail spa on her mind.

Safe and sound in Wake Forest and once again appreciative of hotel staff letting us in early

Today's route

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Cree says:

Thank goodness for and overcast sky and country roads! Today was a good, smooth ride and seeing the North Carolina state line sign was *so* nice. I feel like we keep saying "yep, we are going to North Carolina", but never really thought about being in NC. Crazy! It's fun to process the trip, as we did at lunch today, and see our different perspectives and memories of it. 

The dogs, as referenced in dad's post, were a crazy part of the day. Legs just warming up, feeling the burn a bit, and then hearing dad say "go, go, go! I'll kick 'em, just go!" I heard them, but also 100% thought, "you're just playing with me right??". We both got a kick out of that. 

Excited to be so close to the finish line and just a bit anxious (as in extra careful) as getting in a bad spot these last two days (with such low milage) would be quite the bummer. 

He says:

I know we've been complaining a lot the last 4-5 days about the weather/heat, VA roads, the wind, and distances. But that wore us out. We finally are catching a break here as we close out the trip. We had mostly tail winds ( at times cross winds), mild early morning temps, and overcast skies for the ride today and only 42 miles.  That makes for a decent day of riding along and way better spirits for these last 3 days.  Tomorrow's ride looks about the same and then 20 miles to finish off Friday is, well, a walk in the park. So we are coming back to life to say the least.

Mostly took our time this morning with a 7:45 departure and done by noon. Thanks Red Roof for an early check-in (we've gotten pretty lucky to get in early everywhere we've stopped).  Grabbed some lunch, cleaned up, and got a good amount of work in with this kind of schedule.  So all things looking up now.  One last thing.... Creean's tires made it a whole day... wow!

Got our first dog chase in today and that was pretty funny to say the least. We'd just stopped for 15 minutes or so, and our legs were still warming up when that all started. 2 medium sized dogs decided to go for a run thinking we had trespassed or had treats or something.  They weren't too close to catching us, but it was funny to watch Creean's little legs ride fast and hard.  She was out front leading and I scream "GO, GO, GO!!".  She was "Serious?". It was a "yes" and she took off. Off course, I'm like "you just have to beat me!".  Anyway, just a fun all out spurt for 45 seconds or so before the dogs gave up. But, Creean's up for a new "danger" now she didn't realize we had getting back on some country roads.


Miles - 42 (955 total)
Calories - 2,334  (45,985 total)
Time - 3:30 (108:45 total)
Total Climb - 1,377 feet (34,977 total)
South Hill VA _ Henderson NC
Red Roof Inn Room 215
Walmart (Green juice), Taco Bell ( burrito and mini quesadilla)

Getting a good start out of South Hill this morning. Easy traffic and mild weather

US Highway 58 for an easy stretch of the road ( and LOTS of road)

Again... we get really excited and motivated when we see these signs!

Great ride along numerous tobacco fields today.

Yeah, we're used to that look by now... the "What are you doing!?" look

We missed the VA sign crossing the Potomac, we we'll grab it on the way out.
VA is not for bikers... can't really attest to it being for lovers though.

This sign got us way energized and way excited.  11 states ( and DC) in 21 days and this is one sign we've been waiting to get to !!

Just a random pretty little NC homestead

Creean's daily bridge crossing

Beautiful North Carolina country roads

Today's route