Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sort of like a machine.

Valdosta GA to Blackspear GA ( 75 miles )

I know this is the 39th day of the trip and I should be pretty good at this by now, but, I still gotta pedal. Today I was like a machine for 5 hours and 75 miles. That's 15 MPH average, best of the trip. I know it was flat, I know there was a little tail wind, I know I pissed Aaron off with yesterday's comment about be the lead wolf so he pushed it today, but that was a good ride. Miles 31-35 were even at a 17.1 MPH pace at the end of my 36 mile non-stop run. That was a fun ride.

We went a little further than planned because Waycross hotels were a bit expensive and out of the way, and the wind helped us the extra 10 miles or so. But.... the $40 hotel here is certainly in the "bottom 5" of the trip. I pretty much try not to look around too much, 'cause you just don't want to know what you might find.

First 36 miles from Valdosta to Homerville GA was pretty clean road, 4 lane divided highway, a little climb of 100 feet and pretty flat. I went straight through all 36 miles and then stopped at Jerry's Cafe in Homerville for some eggs, bacon, and cinnamon roll. Good stuff, but I've got to start throttling back on the caloric intake now. The post office was right across the street. So close to shipping back the extra 10 pounds of camping gear, and the route maps ( heavier than you think) , and the 15mm wrench I bought in El Paso to take my pedals off if I needed to on the train. But I didn't, it's a "gotta lug it all the way now kind of thing". Also, I'm a little worried if I throw my weight off something bad will happen. Karma maybe?

Next 27 miles, maybe the most treacherous of the trip, certainly top 3. Down to 2 lanes with an 18" shoulder, heavy truck traffic, and constant monitoring of the mirror to see what was coming up on me and timing it with oncoming traffic so they could move around. Bailed to the side of the road about 10 times when the semis were coming and going past me at the same time.

But, it was beautiful southern Georgia landscape. Red sand roads, occasional pecan grove ( very mature trees, way bigger than New Mexico ), and A LOT of pine trees. All kinds of forests of them. Newly planted, newly harvested, half grown and big and tall ready to go. Very very cool to ride through this area and pretty much what most of the pictures were from.

I'm going to miss starting out days like this. (That's the bike talking not me)

Down town Valdosta GA.

Morning logs.

Pecan racks in Valdosta

Didn't realize what was passing me otherwise I'd have raced. Not as fast as the sprayer yesterday, but still pretty quick.

Hell yeah I got the conductor to blow the whistle!!

OK seriously this is what I heard the trees talking about. Tree in the forest-"Well I don't know why she got to go be a pole". Pole-"Girl, I'm straight as an arrow, you got a booty on you that's why". Tree in the forest-"Oh no she didn't just say that, girl you are in big trouble". Pole-"Back it down girl, you don't really want to be where I am". That's all I can repeat, it got really nasty after that.

There has to be a country song already out there about this creek. Seriously somebody find it for me.

I got nothing for this one that's nice.

"Wood Yard Road" - seriously, we see it, don't need the sign for it.

Artsy, still try to have one of those every so often.

Apparently I was on the Okefenokee Trail today.

Jerry's cafe to the left, train stop on the right.

OK, Mile 1 is at the start of EVERY county here in Georgia. It's really throwing me off. How's that go? 911-"How can I help you". John-"Yeah I'm at mile 1 with a broken body from a semi that just hit me, can you help". 911-"What Mile 1 are you at?" John-"Mile 1 that's all it says". 911-"Well do you know what county you are in?" John-"not from around here, so NO!!!".

Found out where these go.

The Acme Pole Company in Blackspear GA.

Pine Tree stages of life:


Half baked

Mature and ready to go loggin'

Stats - 75 miles (2,364)
Calories - 4,345 ( 132,431 )
Time - 5:00 (187:34)
Total Climb - 384 ( 60,999 ft )

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