Monday, June 20, 2011

Late Nights in NOLA

Just a day off. Caught a quick breakfast and a new tire to replace the warn out one. Got 4-5 hours of work in and then headed out for the night with Mark, Tiffany, Charla, Brian, Aaron and Aleena.

After a fine meal at Joey K's ( where I also finished off everyone else's food and a dessert and a 1/2). Got the Haunted Mansion, Anne Rice, Real World House, and school tour.

Mark stayed in the 1891 Castle Inn of New Orleans which is a very popular haunted house with great ghost stories. It was dark, and a little spooky actually, so pictures didn't come out great. But, the front door was 10 feet high and almost 5 feet wide. Each floor had 12 foot ceilings and the house was close to 7,000 sq ft. Pretty cool if we'd have gotten in, but it was recently sold and better secured.

Then we drove around and saw Ann Rice's house the inspired much of her writing. The first New Orleans Real World house was right around the corner from the mansion. Then cruised through an area that created rappers Lil' Wayne and Juvenile. Then a quick tour of Mark's school, the first one rebuilt after the Hurricane.

This is Bear's Bed

This is Bear. He's such good boy!

He's also apparently a vampire.

This is Camille's Grill and wonderful little landmark restaurant.

With great omelets made with a hint of pancake batter I beleive.

Trolley's outside the restaurant.

This is a Haunted Mansion.

And the Massive front door.

Stats - 0 miles (1,787)
Calories - 0 ( 99,350 )
Time - 0:00 (144:09)
Total Climb - 00 ( 52,591 ft )

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