Monday, June 13, 2011

Still gotta pedal!

Shepherd TX to Silsbee TX (63 miles)

Well, better not take things for granted too much I guess, It's still hot and the wind picks up around 11:30. Thinking I had a short day, I mosey'd around a little bit today. I was tired by 1:30 when the heat kicked in though, so not going to do that again.

I ended up 3 feet below sea level today, that's weird right? I am definitely in the Gulf Coast now. Sand and Pine Trees all over the place now. Another very easy rolling day of roads, which is obviously the case here on out.

Went about 20 miles before I stopped for a light breakfast at the Cookie Jar Cafe. They had to decorate it with something, so may as well get all those jars out of the house and into the restaurant. Then another 35 miles or so til a chicken sandwich and fries. and cruised into Silsbee around 1:15 but hotel was on the other side of town. All checked in, quick nap and a couple hours of work today. I know pretty generic. Gotta ride 1/2 mile to get some dinner, who knows, maybe something exciting will happen there.

The fun's in the pictures today.
Headed to DeRidder LA ( good bye Texas, I was supposed to be here longer ).

Stats - 62.8 miles (1,446)
Calories - 3,476 ( 80.262 )
Time - 4:42 (118:55)
Total Climb - 456 ( 50,649 ft )

Mornings are pretty and damp. Damp with dew and damp with sweat.


It is so dry down here.

Breakfast Time!!

Told them everyone wanted to make sure I was getting taken care of.

Yep, I'm fine everyone.

12 miles straight as an arrow road through pine trees, no traffic

And then there's this......

Of course I stopped for a picture.

Still smoldering from Saturday and Sunday's huge fire ( just missed it )

1500 acres ( that's 1100 football fields according to the paper ).

Some 27 year old was burning insulation off of a bunch of copper wire he'd stole and the fire got out of control on him. Now he's really in trouble. I believe the story also indicated alcohol was involved and attempts were made to kick his way out of the trooper's car. Loved the "Surround it and Drown it" approach.

A LOT of these today. Yep never fails, twice had to bail off road. Not a whole lot of traffic except, one of these and a car and me can still be in the same place at the same time.

That's the 2nd pallet plant I saw.

And then an added bonus.....Shadow Picture Day!!


  1. Reading this makes me long for the days of: How many miles today? Wonder what the roads will be like. WHERE and WHAT is my next meal?

  2. A pallet plant - who knew?? I am loving your artsy shadow pictures. Are you making shadow puppets in your spare time?

    Glad you missed that crazy fire (& Arizona's)!

  3. That recliner was scary. You know some crazy person sits in it at night and waits for stranded motorist (or bicyclist)! They may even be helping with the "stranded" part...did u see any tacks by that chair?