Monday, June 6, 2011


Camp Wood TX to Kerrville TX ( 90 miles )

10% is about how much energy I have after today's ride. It's also how steep the mountain was today I was walking up. 6-7% was what the big mountains were, but here in Texas, everything has to be bigger, to 10% is what it is here. By far the steepest climbs I've had to make. Now the good news is, these are just hills and about 500-600 foot climbs, and at 8-10% grade, I can walk up to the top quicker. Had 5 of these today to go up.

Started at 6AM before the sun came up ( I think I woke up a couple roosters along the way ). As always, the first one's pretty easy to knock out and I made good time to breakfast about 23 miles away at 8:30. Then it was 15 miles and had to knock out 3 more of these 500-600 foot climbs. Slowed down a little and took about 2 hours to get through them. Still not too bad. Got refueled at the last grocery store for 55 miles and hitched a ride up the last one from Earl.

Earl has a HUGE 1972 Ford Pickup. It's got a monster diesel engine that really hauls a** up those 10% grades. I mean we flew up the hill. Even thought it was a quick 5 mile ride, it probably saved me an hour. Earl has about 1200 acres, and has a horse rescue mission going on so horses don't get shipped to Mexico for slaughter. There hasn't been rain here for months, and now everyone has to feed their livestock. He's spending $5,000 a month on feed. Earl refused me 3 times to give him $10 for gas, said "what goes around comes around, you are welcome for the ride". Thanks for the lift!!

So Earl drops me off at the top of the hill at a rest area, and OF COURSE, there's random cyclist there having lunch. So I met Rob and Lisa and had a great chat for 20 minutes or so. They are the first people I met going East to West. They are from the UK and are taking a year off. First 3 months, bike across the US, then South America, Australia, Asia and home. How cool is that! I did everything I could not to scare them too much, but seriously, they were all "you can stop any time you need to for water" from here to Florida. I was like "you gotta plan every drop cause you may not get any for 60 miles from here to CA".

So also, way to go US!!! They said we've been way nice people taking care of them going across the country. I find that good news to hear. Anyway you can read up on what I'll be getting into on their blog. Getting ready to leave and we are exchanging blog names, and Rob says "No way YOU are that's awesome." I just found it and getting ready to start reading what we are getting into. I said "take the train".

I also needed to put Aaron and Aleena's blog link up too ( sorry you two I forgot!! )

So if you're loosing interest in this site, here's a couple more to entertain you.

Limped in the last 30 miles to civilization, I swear there were a 100 "dips" today and they wear me down in that 60-75 mile range of the day. The last 25 miles or so were rolling along the Guadalupe River ( actually had water in it ). B&B's line dthe river, little resort action as well as 5-6 different kids camps. Pretty cool little area and some nice homes along the river. Then it was 7 miles to Ingram, and 8 to Kerrville where there's a city with lots of stuff and busy roads again.

So glad that day is over, those were a tough 170 miles on some roads that just hurt so bad.

Stats - 89.2 miles (1,049) That's a lot of miles right?
Calories - 5045 ( 58,074 )
Time - 7:54 (86:56) Longest day in the saddle
Total Climb - 4469 ( 39,978 ft )

Forgot one yesterday, somebody loves their state too much maybe?? Still a good waffle

Early morning in Camp Wood TX.

A flood gauge so you know you really do want to stop.

Some random Christmas getup in the middle of now where.

Breakfast break.

10 % grade coming up next.

The fences were too high, he had to run a 1/4 mile with me. Not sure why he's scared. ( there's a deer in the middle of the screen here Mom !)

Rolling hills of west central TX

Rob and Lisa ( )

I'm going right, but taking a break. Another fine grocery store ham and cheese today. (sick of those !!)

Up down, up down again.

Puking and cussing the road.

15 more miles to go, cool down time.

Now that's a Jeep, Scooters in the front, 4 seater modified, and added 2 extra in the back high up. Wait lets camouflage it too.


  1. I don't do percentages unless you ask Johnny..then I'm an 80 percenter. I complete most tasks up to 80% :-)

    6-7% vs. 10% grade can't wrap my mind around that. Which is why, if those reading haven't yet, click on the detail page of his Garmin. It blew my mind how straight up and down that is!! Our daughter's comment -- "Whoa, how did he do that!?" I didn't have an answer for her because I don't know how he did that. Just amazing Johnny!!

  2. John-

    Great to see you made it around Austin just fine.

    It's funny you ran into Rob and Lisa--they spent a good deal of time in our shop last week before heading off westward. Ah, continuity!

    Good luck in your travels!