Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chili Peppers, Pecans and Onions

Caballo Lake to Las Cruces New Mexico that's what you'll find off the interstate route. This is the Red hot Chili Pepper capitol of the US apparently. Fields, dehydration and packaging facilities all over the place. Pretty much the theme of Hatch New Mexico as well. Pepper fields all looked like they were just getting started. The onions all looked to be ready to harvest. I didn't cry passing the fields but I sure did catch the onion odor. Reminded me of day 3, when I pass a dry field and into a "green" field and the wind is blowing, there's a 5 degree or so difference in the temperature. I didn't ever notice that.

Then there were all kinds of tree fields here. There could have been walnuts as well, but most of the signs all said Pecan growers. Very different to see that kind of crop to harvest and take care of. Many of the groves were flooded with an inch or so of water ( all fed from the Rio Grande river ) I followed along most of the day.

Overall a decent day and probably the first one I guessed and planned time correctly. Had some wind in the face as I was headed south and the winds work their way from East in the mornings to the South West in the afternoon as everything heats up. Miles 25-45 were pretty frustrating, but that's how it works on this adventure.

Stats - 62.22 miles (834)
Calories - 3097 ( 46,441 )
Time - 5:05 (68:25)
Total Climb - 417 ( 33,465 ft )

Headed out past Caballo Lake

Oh so cute, each little veal cow has their own house.

Pecan groves galore.

Onions are ready, come on get your combine.

Chili Pepper fields ( I think )

Famous Sparky's in Hatch NM. Thanks for being open for some pulled pork.

No I'm watching you go by me!! Border Patrol time again.

The Rio Grande

Just another cool looking rock formation that forms the road.

Seriously was going to inquire about what Women's Water Volleyball is all about. It's gotta be fun.

Time to cross the river

A tractor doing work in a grove of trees, who knew that existed.

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