Sunday, June 12, 2011

That's more like it.

Navasota TX to Shepherd TX (79 miles)

First some thing else I learned the first 3 weeks, but forgot yesterday.

- Every time I want to listen to my ipod, I'm on a bumpy road. Ipods skip to the next song when you shake it. So no listening.

OK, that was a full day that went exactly like I expected them to be like. Good miles, good speeds, done by 2:00 and not out of energy even after 79 miles. There were quite a few ups and downs, but pretty much stayed within 50-100 foot ups and downs.

Much of the day went through Sam Houston National Forrest. There are 60-70 foot Pines and I noticed the land started to get more sandy. Toward the end of the day, started seeing more sandy areas, more pine trees and darker red sand. All reminded me of the upcoming gulf states coming up. Even saw some signage with gulf references.

I'm just north of Houston about 70 miles or so. My Colts cap (what's left of it) is getting a little more notice now. Always fun to mention how the Texans collapsed on themselves once again this year :). There's also a couple of big man made lakes around this area. Today being Sunday, all the big boys and their big toys were out on the roads. Big trucks, big bass boats, and big 4 wheelers were all out rolling around the roads ( again, scoot over if no one is around an you pass a biker ).

Stats - 78.9 miles (1,383)
Calories - 4,586 ( 76,786 )
Time - 6:10 (114:13)
Total Climb - 2283 ( 50,193 ft )

This one's for Pavin.

Beautiful Texas sunrise this morning at 6:20. Yes I stopped for 2 donuts (because they were open and I worked them off in the first 30 minutes).

Tight rough roads for some of the day.

Big ole Longhorn, Hey Cow watcha looking at.

Smooth winding roads, easy down and easier ups

Pool Cemetery. I know, what does that mean? ( It was not for deceased pools like I wondered)

Walker Texas Ranger. I looked for Chuck all day, didn't see him.

Beautiful Lake Conroe in Sam Houston National Forrest.

Only Ranger I saw today was here.

The plaque said "Jesus of East Texas". Really, No Parking? It would seems that this was placed on private property for people to stop and enjoy their religion.

My first Bayou but not yet in Louisiana. Can you guess what song I'll play when I see the first on in Louisiana?

Boredom, had to take a picture of something.

Not my flat, I'm still only on 1 !!!

Boredom, had to take a picture of something else. Caught the sun directly overhead.

I can't make this stuff up.


  1. John, we won't be able to catch up if keep going these rockstar distances. Safe travels, partner!

  2. Trees and grass!! That's a very different picture than you've seen these past weeks. Yay for trees and grass!!

    Silly Johnny - you don't see Chuck Norris coming. He's f'in Chuck Norris. He has stealth-like ninja skills.

    What I love most about your self-portraits, other than your smiling face & guessing if you are actually wearing clothes in them, is picturing you running to get in each before the camera clicks. Did you sprint across two lanes for the lake pic? You must look slightly deranged and that makes me laugh til I snort!!!

    Cow: Why is that guy running when he has a bike? Man I wish I had some hay. Huh...oooh, look....shiney spokes!

  3. PS New mobile upload on the blog for IPhone is rocking Jdog. I don't have to pull out my reading glasses!

  4. Aaron, you will see how easy it gets real soon. We will still be following you two and don't be too surprised if some people meet you in Savanah if you dont catch up.

    Kelly glad you like the new mobile settings and post a comment options (no more logging in people, post away). I can do a lot in 10 seconds to get in the frame.

  5. Almost into my neck of the south!! I've got people lookin' out for ya!!

  6. I think you are just now so in shape from the first three weeks that 79 miles is a piece of cake!

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