Saturday, June 18, 2011

Course Change with 2 weeks left

Baton Rouge LA to Baton Rouge LA ( 0 bike miles, 1 walk mile to eat).

Stats - 0 miles (1,742)
Calories - 0 ( 96,914 )
Time - 0:00 (140:46)
Total Climb - 0 ( 52,479 ft )

Going to make a route adjustment ( kind of went into place yesterday ) and ride to the south a little more. I finished off the Map 5 series and after looking at the next 3-4 days in eastern Louisiana rural country, I just didn't care for the no hotels, expensive Bed and Breakfasts, sparse to no camping and even a 100 mile stretch with no food/water. So lets head south to the people, more heat, more traffic, but better roads and services.

Aaron and Aleena have caught up with me ( remember I smoked them taking the train 400 miles). They are at a "warm showers" host tonight (that's a website of people that offer up their homes to travelers, is another). They have some friends in New Orleans to stay at Sunday and Monday, so back to serious riding on Tuesday after a stop over in the Big Easy.

Then up along the coast to Gulport MS, Bayou La Batre AL, and Gulf Beach FL to get back on the maps. Looks like the wolf pack is headed into Hilton Head Island together the next 2 weeks. I hope they don't scare off all the vampires in NOLA!!

Today was:
1) Sleep in til 7:00 ( yes!! )

2) Washed all my clothes, but technically, Kelly said it wasn't a wash because I didn't have any soap. So it was really just letting the machine do the rinsing like I've been doing in the sink. ( yuck, first time for the underwear!!)

3) Enjoyed this fabulous spread at the Days Inn ( seriously, just don't bother )

4) Stopped in the C-store and McDonalds for actual food and beverages ( not these, but ice cold singles are in every c-store. Gee I wonder if people drink and drive here?)

5) My first part failure. I believe the west Texas roads caused enough vibration that the fender cracked at the rivet joint. Of course, I've had ZERO rain, not even a hint. So now there will be rain and I'm sure I'll get wet because of this failed part ( or some other reason).

6) I did get some work in, but the Internet here ( both hotel and Verizon 3G ) was actually pretty, check that, really bad. Worst case scenario, but I did get a 15 minute face time call into Kelly, Pavin, and Creean when I stood just in the right place. That was great seeing them all.

7) Watched Rory McIlroy kick a little more butt in the US Open.

8) Walked to Hooters for a BBQ pork sandwich, and then learned THEY TOOK IT OFF THE MENU!! Crap, it really was the only reason to go to Hooters.

9) Chocolate shake at Chic-fil-A. Read the paper and found these crazy guys ( not me!). Seriously, who'd Kayak the whole Mississippi river in 60 days or less. That's just silly. Wait, maybe that's the pot calling the kettle black.

10) I have no idea what cable station it was, but did you know there are "extreme couponers" out there? They stock up on 1,000's of things that they could never use in a life time because the coupon them for free. Now some do it for a good cause, like getting 1100 boxes of cereal for like $10 and giving it away to local food banks and charities. But they also build storage in 2 car garages and have an insane amount of lotions, deodorant, and tooth brushes ( and much more) stock piled. However.... they get all of it for like 5% on the dollar. One guy had $75,000 of stuff he'd probably paid $1,000 for. Congrats to them, seemed like a full time job to do to me.

Can't wait to get out of this town and on to The Big Easy.


  1.'re right -- it IS the pot calling the kettle black !!! ;-D Glad your were able to see your back-home crew. I'm sure they are now counting down the days. Take care in the heat - and rest well.

  2. Rule #1: No road undies welcome in Hilton Head. Ditch those babies somewhere before then.
    Rule #2: Laundry only counts when you do it with soap. For those of you in the betting pool, this wasn't a laundry day
    Rule #3: No lying about Hooters...righhhht you only went for the BBQ pork. Did you keep your eyes closed the whole time too?
    Rule #4: No kayaks allowed at the WhiteHouse - next thing you know, we'll be on a kayak trip down the Mississippi. Only one worrisome trip per year Johnny
    Rule #5: CPAs should never watch extreme couponing. It will only lead to bad ideas that Kelly will have to follow at the grocery. Not good, not good at all