Saturday, July 2, 2011

All done!

Savannah GA to Hilton Head Island SC 42 miles.

Total Adventure

2,939 miles
153,694 calories
199 hours 27 minutes moving time ( 8 Days, 7 hours, 27 minute )
283 hours 15 minutes Garmin "on the clock" time (11 Days, 19hours, 15 minutes)
Total Climb 66,701

Today's ride:

Stats - 42 miles ( 2,517 )
Calories - 2,488 ( 141,448 )
Time - 3:23 (199:27)
Total Climb - 404 ( 62,246 ft )

Had to really work for it to finish off this trip. First 13 miles were....
1) Monster 160 foot bridge from Savannah to South Carolina to start the day
2) 4 mile no shoulder road after the bridge with heavy traffic.
3) FLAT Tire on above road.
4) Killer mosquitoes immediately swarming when stopped to fix flat road.
5) 8 more miles of no shoulder, slightly less traffic road.

Relief!! back to room to ride. 13 miles through the SC country then onto the home stretch into Hilton Head Island.

1) 1/2 mile no shoulder.
2) HHI bridge
3) Lots a traffic
4) Had to take the long route because the toll bridge says no bikes.
5) Of all things we haven't had, bicycle traffic on a real bike path.

We are about a block away, and some lady yells from her car, "You from San Diego?". Us-"Yep". Lady-"woo hooooooo!! way to go". There were many recruits hanging around ready to cheer us in and she just had to leave since we were a little late because of the longer route.

I had my protective "dog horn" ( which didn't get used) ready to go. So I started blowing it as soon as I heard the cheers from the make shift crowd that Kelly, Pavin, Creean, Connie and Frank had put together. It was very easy to see everyone as Kelly had a 10 foot banner with "FINISH LINE, I just biked from San Diego" on it. What a great way to finish!! Sounded like we missed the ambulance and fire truck or police car that was trying to hang around too. Lots of hugs and kisses and some quick pictures and then it was off to the Atlantic Ocean.

I didn't realize how perfect of a place to have picked out to "land". They had a "blue carpet" out to the beach which was great to roll the bikes down to the water. I didn't really realize there were going to be A LOT of people on the beach, and i mean A LOT! So that was a really great to watch everyone look at us, ask us "What are you doing", and congratulate us on making the journey. That was a pretty special moment for me, I actually made it, I had this bike in the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean.

What a great adventure.

Going to take a break from writing, but hopefully you can check in a little later when I have time to look at the whole trip and wonder a little more about what I was doing and what I saw.

The White House is safely back together again!!

Yep, that's where I need to head today!

160 foot bridge to warm up the legs right out of the gate.

Awesome view of Savannah GA from here. Not supposed to do this on a bike apparently ( according to the sign).

State #10, check.

Country side cruise through South Carolina.

OK 1 more McDonald's stop before I'm done.

HHI Bridge crossing.

HHI bike paths. Safe, but slow.

Pre-ocean finish at the Pope Street roundabout.

Blue carpet all set up for us, Thank HHI beach patrol.

First dip into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Wolf Pack is in the water.

What a trip!

Pacific Ocean

Gulf of Mexico

and the Atlantic Ocean

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  1. That's my son-in-law, folks ! So proud of him for taking a risk and following his heart. Love ya, John !!!