Friday, June 24, 2011

I broke through 170.

Milton FL to Defuniak Springs FL.

Well that completed Map 6 of the tour. Only rode about half of that map since I routed myself to civilization and New Orleans. Good choice on that one. Pavin sent me this yesterday, Darren O'Donnell ( go ahead click the link it's safe ) is doing a great bicycle ride. I guess I'd do it for baseball, but I'm more of a football guy. Maybe I'll do an NFL tour for my 50th birthday year.

Al and Sally had eggs and toast for us this morning. Got our water bottles all filled up and off we went. But I just wasn't feeling it to much today, even though still had a good 14MPH riding pace. My legs were sluggish from the get go. After each stop, it was a mile or so before the legs didn't hurt getting going. Pretty basic ride and got into town around 12:30. Typical morning humidity and dripping with sweat day. had a couple 20 mile spurts in the ride between stops for water and food. Bit of a rolling hill ride, nothing much, just enough to feel it in the legs for 5 minutes or so up the hills.

It was mostly a ride through the Pine Trees of FL all along US-90 that parallels I-10. Also rode along the north side of Eglin Air Force base. Saw an occasional plane flying around, but not that many.

Good intentions of doing some work after lunch, but took a 2 hour nap instead. I guess it was needed. Rode about 4 miles round trip into town for some pasta and a victory lap around Lake DeFuniak in down town DeFuniak Springs.

OK, I've ridden with Aleena and Aaron 9 days or so now and I'm going to finish up with them in Hilton Head. Their website is here and they are riding to help one of Aaron's teenage students just diagnosed with a serious disease. You can learn more about that here. If you've been entertained by this trip, maybe you can give them a hand, they are very close to their goal.

Oh yeah, weighed in at 169 this morning, so I broke 170. I'm down 12 pounds from the 181 starting weight. Pretty sure it's all water loss from the sweat the last week or so.

Heading out from a great stay with a very nice couple!

I missed the town picture on the way in yesterday, so this is it.

Tallahassee destination on the mileage markers is always good. ( that's not too far away)

I could take 5-10 stupid road signs pictures I see every day probably. Got quite a few today. Really, don't really we need to know if there's a permanent aircraft ON the road.

Hey what should we name the town? Well let's figure out what we can put at the end of Florida. Floridale works but I would have gone with Floridamn!

They are the Gophers, but their logo is a turtle???

Mossy Head? What's that!

These 2 go together, they were about 30 feet away from each other. But seriously do I need to know a town is only 1 mile ahead?

One of my more colorful rooms. Pretty sure at $37.50 it was the cheapest.

A new meaning to the Ugly Duckling, I know where it comes from now.

The Wolf Pack after the victory lap around the lake.

Aww the newlyweds!

Pretty sure the settlers from the churches just settled right around the lake. Saw 2-3 churches all around the lake. Very cute little town though.

Gotta throw in the Train Station.

Ta-da, the day is done!

Stats - 61.5 miles (2,077)
Calories - 3,497 ( 115,706 )
Time - 4:24 (166:52)
Total Climb - 856 ( 55,848 ft )


  1. So glad you'll have fellow riders all the way to Hilton Head - not much longer now. All the worrying we did back here seems to be all for naught !! ;-D Once you all get back to Indy, you'll have to schedule a "de-briefing party" so we can hear all the details. Of course we've been reading your blog, but I'm sure there are still other stories to tell. Take care.

  2. Wish you had gotten the name of the color of that room. I'm sure I could put it on a room somewhere. Good pictures John. You need to be written up like the man riding to the baseball stadiums. You've done what he has done --with the exception of seeing a game of baseball. Don't know what I'll do when you are finished. Won't have your daily blog to read. I've enjoyed!!!!!