Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Texas!

Las Cruces New Mexico to El Paso Texas today.

John White made it a light day today, he's worn down from this week's ride through the mountains. John spent 3 hours this morning getting caught up with work, his emails were piling up. Still more for him to do though.

John pulled away from the Las Cruces Days Inn after a small McDonalds breakfast around 9:00 AM. He found today's first 30 miles a lot like yesterday's last 25. There were more onions, peppers, and pecans. He was a little surprised to see some vineyards. He thinks that grapes would go to raisins too quickly here.

Somewhere in there, John took the wrong route and ended up in town quicker than expected. But like always, he made the most of it by stopping at Sonic for a Burger, tater tots and a chocolate shake. Then it was a 9 mile ride through town that reminded him of Castleton ( or any other sprawling suburban commercialized stretch you know of ). He was so glad to be out of that, although the motorists were all very good to him today.

Tonight, John is staying in the Camino Real Hotel in downtown El Paso. The bands are playing in the square right outside already, so there's probably a good dinner and an ice cold beer waiting for him any minute now.

Stats - 46.4 miles (881)
Calories - 2644 ( 49,085 )
Time - 3:29 (71:54) That's basically 3 days on the bike riding !!
Total Climb - 581 ( 34,046 ft ) Mount Everest is 29,029 feet in up, so I've sort of climbed Mount Everest.

New crops today, rolled past 4 vineyards.

Bigger Pecan Groves than yesterday. Very cool about 3 miles of this.

Pretty little horses hanging out this morning.

Nice little spread out in the country.

Not a lot of fanfare for the little country roads, almost missed it. Who is responsible for that little section between the 2 signs??

Nice welcome Texas, a glob of fresh tar and rocks on my shoes and my front tire. This is the after picture.

It was graduation day at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

It's so hot here, the stone lions need head dresses at the Scottish Rites.

And the 2 border crossings into Mexico.


  1. A dirty bike and dirty shoes! I can't believe you haven't thrown in the towel yet Johnny.

    BTW, when did "John" become Bob Dole and talk about himself in the 3rd person. Maybe it's more than the grapes that are turning to raisins, Hmmmm....

    Kelly thinks that climbing Mount Everest -even sort of- on a bike is amazing. She believes her husband must have some amazing go-get-'em to achieve that. Kelly also loves John and she hopes he stays safe.

  2. Yeah, I thought maybe Kelly was updating your blog for you? Very funny reading this in 3rd person!