Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just get there!

What a long day after a tough night of sleep. Just the basics here tonight. Staying in Silver City New Mexico.

After getting up and out into the 40 degree morning at the camp site, all 3 of us were like, we should have just rode more last night. When we got to the hotel, all 3 of us were like, I'd have never made it that far.

1 mile in, crossed off Arizona and into New Mexico, and roads are much worse!
To start it was a day of short climbs and big downhills, then when you get nearer the river it all starts to be rolling hills, 150 foot drops, 100 foot climbs. long and drawn out. at 25 miles we stopped at the what was probably the last place for supplies ( of course the last 2 days, we also had to carry 10-15 lbs of extra water and food because this was all so desolate). We had an awesome wind today, right in our face the whole way. It really sucks when you HAVE to pedal downhill just to keep moving because the wind stops you.

At the 50 mile point, it was an 1800 foot climb in 20 miles to the continental divide.
There was a lot of walking the bike for me in that climb. The rest I'll just say with pictures.

Stats - 64.1 miles (693)
Calories - 3628 ( 38994 )
Time - 6:09 (56:44)
Total Climb - 3215 ( 27,818 ft )

Welcome to NM, we make sure no cows get out or in, I'm not sure.

My lunch date.

Long Winding trail.

It was getting too hot. ( come on , I just had to take my long sleeve shirt off).

Crossing the divide ( and yes there was still uphill after that!!)

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  1. Know you were exhausted last night Jdog. If you get a chance, you gotta share the thumb tack terrorist story. Thanks Red Bull Ben for giving Johnny and the Double A's on a Double Bike (or should they be the Tick Tacks???) the heads up!

    Remember the two rules of primitive camping Johnny "wink"