Friday, December 10, 2010

The "Mode" has arrived!

I have been coached into a very nice bike to get across the country. I rode a similar one about 30 miles and this 2011 model year is even better. So going to be sitting on this right here in the corner training the next 3 winter months. Hope the Colts go deep into the playoffs. Wait that probably won't matter I'll still be watching NFL from this seat anyway.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Committed now

I've ordered my bike, so I'm committed now. I guess I can still back out and have a touring bike, but that's not the plan.  So I get a bike but I really won't get to ride it outside for 3 months. Also got a really nice trainer so, I'll just be riding in the house watching TV.  So when you see my GPS stats, it's not going to look too good. This is going to be the adventure I was hoping for.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Really I have to wait til May

OK game is on. Pretty sure I have my bike selected now 57cm Jamis touring bike. Pretty cool stuff 30 gears and disk breaks. May need to buy it in December (tax purposes).

Been riding as much as I can and basically I have the confidence that I can get in 80-90 miles a day or at least ride my way into shape to do that 30 days in a row. So, ga,e on I just have to wait til May 2011. Currently expecting to fly to San Diego on May 20th and ride out the 22nd and head to Hilton Head Island. HHI is a good place to finish because Kelly and the kids can probably pick me up there and spend 5-6 days there depending on when I get there close to the end of June.

I've been finding 3-4 different people blogging posting or tweeting along the same route this fall. It's encouraging to read their stories and adventure but would like to just get out there. Can't wait to get through winter, get back into shape in the spring and make this adventure happen.

 The bike

The Rider

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hmm now she has me thinking

An innocent bagel with my niece before she gets on the bus to go to Chicago. Talking about her being a college sophomore and how it's time that age thinks more about life and then more about how a 45 year father sees life. Yep they are different but the youthful spirit got back in me. What to do where are we all going....simple conversations about that kind of stuff. Brought up the careers for a years fantasies and walking across the US came out there somehow. How well thanks Annie for getting the thought going now get on your bus and go home!