Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rest Day

Hanging out in Navasota TX today a the Comfort Inn and Suites. Over on the east side of town on the by-pass. There's a couple travel baseball teams in the hotel, so of course I'm reminded of the fun times of travel soccer we had. Playing baseball down here in the heat ( or having to watch that ) has to be tough.

I've got next week planned out. should be getting out of TX on Tuesday and then most of the way through Louisiana by Friday. The route's a little longer though, as it winds through the back country. Got a couple hotels called and all set for rooms in "little town motels" this week. Also looks like the weather is going to lighten up some, 94-95 for the highs. Low winds and cloud cover help a lot, so as far as I'm concerned the days probably won't be as unbearable through the week. Can't believe I'm finally seeing some 10% chance of rain though, so I get to actually think that rain covers might get used. Not a single drop of rain the past 3 weeks.

For rest day... Here's some things I've learned so far:

- You can't really train for this. You can ride and train some, you can feel like you are in shape, but you can't really be physically ready.

- Planning is how you survive. Having an exact plan for the route, the liquids and the surroundings is imperative.

- Lizards can run faster than me going up hill.

- Going down mountains is so much fun. The speed, the wind in your face and the awe of what's around is awesome.

- Our country is beautiful, if you've lived out east, plan time to go west. If you've lived out west, plan some time to go east. You'll be amazed at what a difference there is in everything.

- Little dogs think they can catch me on a bike. I laugh in their face. They may scare me cause I didn't see them coming, but no match with J-dog. I ride right past them.

- There is a lot of road kill that you miss going 65 MPH in a car. It's all over.

- Most people respect bicyclists. Some don't. Do get over in an open lane or hug the yellow line.

- I can be in the most desolate area and not see a car for an hour, but somehow, there will always end up being me and 2 passing cars in the same place of the road at the same time. I don't get how that can happen.

- Ranch land is in the $12-15,000 an acre range. Sh*t, that's crazy money. There is volume pricing to be had though in some areas ( that you may not want to be ).

- Those big truck commercials during football season... they are for Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. HUGE pickup trucks out here all over the place.

- Armadillo road kill smells the worst.

- It's so rewarding to push yourself to do something that you don't know if you can do. Don't be afraid to surprise yourself with success or failure, they both make you a better person.

- All my gadgets are great. The phone ( google maps when I need them ), Garmin ( awesome tracking ), camera ( look for a metal not plastic connector to a tripod ), macbook air ( enough said).

- I can put the food down.

- Pavin's a Senior now and Creean's a Sophomore. Time goes fast, don't waste it!

- Baseball caps only have a 3 week life expectancy out here ( but I'm shooting for 6 )

- Cows always watch you go by. Horses mostly do.

- I have a great bike with really good tires.

- People are great. It doesn't really take much to help somebody out just a little, but it will probably mean a lot (and more than you think) to that person.

- Everyone I know is great. Thanks for all the support.

- Its really is cool to see the country instead of flying over it.

- There are Water and Ice machines out west along the road side in little 10 by 20 sheds. That's how people get water in some places.

- Our country figures out how to do things in the most impossible and improbable places.

- Kelly Gant is great to me and for me ( I knew that already!!)

- I'm a lucky man ( I already knew that too ).

Stats - 0 miles (1,305)
Calories - 0 ( 72,200 )
Time - 0:00 (108:03)
Total Climb - 0 ( 47,910 ft )

( I did ride a half mile to Sonic and back for lunch and supplies for Sunday )


  1. You look comfortable at the Comfort Inn. Thanks Uncle Al!

    I loved reading your list of things you've learned. I think I would like to have a pet lizard just to test your theory when you get home. You can go up and down driveways to simulate a hill. No armadillos though...stinky.

    Did I understand you correctly - they are charging outrageous amounts of money for sh*ty desert-like land in TX??

    I am SO thankful for all your gadgets. I know I tease you about them all the time but I think I might have gone more than a little crazy if I couldn't follow you on all your gadgets & know that they were keeping you safer.

    Our kids are growing up fast and they have an unbelievably cool role model in you John White!

    Cree and I had a big discussion about your Colts baseball cap several days ago - we were wondering how skanky it might be by the end of your ride. We now have an answer. I am predicting a burning of the cap in Hilton Head.

    What do you suppose goes through the minds of cows and horses when you ride by?
    Cows: Wish I had a bike like that. I could get the hell out of this frickin' state. I wonder if hooves hook into those pedals?
    Horses: Geez, I can WALK faster than that fella can pedal on a bike. What do you suppose he was thinking, that this would be fun?
    Cows: Oh look, his spokes are the shiniest! So pretty
    Horses: God, I'm glad I'm not a cow!

    John White on a Bike figures out how to do the most amazing things in the most improbable places!!

    You make me smile and I miss you so much! Love you and keep on pedaling. Here comes the fun stuff!!

  2. You need to play Kevin's game of "Hey cow!". You yell "Hey cow!" when you ride by and see if they turn and look at you.

    I am so thankful for all of those people out there who care about bicyclists and are truly helpful! Thanks everyone who has been along John's path and helped him out! What a blessing you have been not only to him but to his family and friends!

  3. I'm so enjoying your blogs, John. They've been a way for those of us back home who are concerned about your health and safety to know that you ARE safe and healthy !! Although I wonder what your diet will be like once you get back home .... have you formed any bad new eating habits on this trip - shakes every day, huge plates of pasta WITH pizza as a side??? ;-D Stay strong and safe. We love ya -- Nancy

  4. I, too, love the new mobile format.... as you know, I don't have internet at the house, but wait patiently for your post so I'm constantly checking the iphone.
    Love your lessons.... love the people you are meeting.... don't love the heat.... you can sing while you're riding, then skipping doesn't matter so much.... hopefully there'll be no 'gator road kill or alive in the next phase of your ride..... God is watching over you.... hopefully the drivers will too.... our country IS beautiful and we need to keep it that way..... maybe we all need to ride bikes ; ( .......
    Keep on keepin' on..... we're all out here cheering! Connie