Sunday, June 26, 2011

Next up....

Marianna FL to Tallahassee FL ( 73 miles )

This morning at breakfast I met 4 of the members of the newly crowned 2011 National Senior Games Under 65 Women's Softball champions. Lois has re-kindled my next challenge of making the Men's 50 year old Badminton tournament In Houston in 2015. How do I get ready for that now? Book your tickets to Houston and learn more here.

Standard ride into Tallahassee, rolling hills, great roads (although no shoulders a couple times), routed through a couple country seats and court houses to see, a very good bicycle chasing dog today ( bigger than medium size, smaller than a big dog. good effort, thought he was going to get catch me ). Lost an hour today in Quincy FL as I traveled back into Eastern Time zone. Rode through Florida State University and then settled into the Howard Johnson.

Thanks Lois for setting up my next challenge. ( boy she grabbed right a hold of me for that picture )

I've seen the Tallahassee mileage sign the last 4 days! Finally catching it today.

Beautiful Florida Sunday morning.

I'm so confused.... This is the bridge over the Apilachicola River, from Lake Seminole ( that's in Georgia ) that is right before Chatahoochee FL.

They made it up the 8% grade from the bridge to Chatahoochee! They aren't long hills, but they burn the thighs.

I am so confused, where am I?

The old Gretna FL school house.

Courthouse in Quincy FL

Poor old man, took almost 10 minutes to help him find his way to Tallahassee. I hope he made it. Aaron had to lend a hand with a map and the local drove him up to the highway to make sure he found it. ( kind of glad he didn't go on our route )

Pine trees, clean road, low traffic. just cruising along.

I-10 always in our sight for the last 5 weeks since California.

They are all over the place, but we've not had any yet... Probably going to need to have a Waffle House omelet in Georgia this week.

It was truck stop day. Started off with one and last stop was one.

Finally, got a pose from Aleena!!

5th car from the left, that's my Freestyle. Obviously Kelly sold it. I haven't driven a car in OVER 5 WEEKS!!

Florida State University day. Bowden, I said we are going that way!!

What am I a dog peeing on something. I really need to work on my Heisman pose, this is awful and it was my second take.

That's it, all the field I could see.

The main entrance to the FSU mecca.

Just a campus shot.

Damn, I haven't been Pavin' The Way that long. Seriously since 1851?

And the afternoon Florida thunderstorm.

Stats - 73 miles (2,214)
Calories - 4,327 ( 123,741 )
Time - 5:38 (177:10)
Total Climb - 1,870 ( 58,863 ft ) Are you kidding, we're still climbing hills!

Up and down all day long!


  1. All of us back here are getting excited for your finish, John !! I must admit I'm going to miss your blog when you're finished, though.

  2. My first question - is there an OVER 65 Woman's Softball Team

    Secondly, how DO you train for Badminton or more importantly, why is that a Senior Olympic sport?

    Yay Aleena!! Still smiling after 5 weeks on a bike with your husband. Wife of the YEAR people!! Just saying.... I believe if John and I tried this, one of us would not be rolling into Hilton Head. I'll leave you to guess which one.

    Dangit! I could have sold the Freestyle while you were gone? Ahhh man, missed opportunities!? I have to say I've felt a little rich being able to drive my Jeep Wrangler on sunny days and the green grocery getter on rainy days. That said - I also try to sink down in the seat while driving so no one I know sees me in it. Will you remember how to drive Jdog?

    I am cracking up with your Heisman pic. You'll have to pull up Cree's and compare. I believe she looked like she was trying to stop a bus from running over her rather than peeing on the sidewalk.

    My last lonely Sunday without you Johnny. I can't wait to see you guys roll in Friday and I literally get tears in my eyes every time I think about it. Enjoy this week!!

  3. Definitely! Kelly, I got tears just reading your comment and thinking about what he has accomplished. Connie and Frank texting that they were in Kentucky yesterday. I just broke down the bike box today and put it in the recycling! You have basically made it in my mind! You are amazing!

    I will say that we saw several cyclists in Yellowstone climbing incredible mountains with four bags between front and back of bikes. I really don't know how they do it with basically no shoulder on the roads and sight-seers everywhere looking for wild life. Not to mention the bears, moose and bison that just come up along the side of the road (and on the road). Wouldn't want to get quite that close myself. Sorry I couldn't get a picture of this old guy with his little trailer behind. Seriously, he looked a little crazy and I got to worrying whether this would be my brother in 30 years! ;D

  4. I hope I'm still pedaling when I'm 77!!

  5. I know it seems long for you, but to me it seems you have made this trip very quickly. The last few days it seems you are just sailing through the states. Almost there, and I know Kelly is soooo anxious to see you in Hilton Head. We'll all be glad to know you are safe. Of course then you have to drive home. Be safe there too. So proud of you.