Sunday, July 1, 2018

Extraction Point (Hartford CT)

Cree says:

Well, it was way hot today and my legs were way burned out from the previous three days. 
Since we were going to Hartford, I had Gilmore Girls on the brain and do you guys know why Loreli drives a Jeep and adverse to exercise?... it's because she lives in CT. Oh the inclines. Then came the heat and sweat. You know the 2000's hit "there was a story of a girl, who cried (sweat) a river and drowned the whole world". Yep that was me pedaling/walking down the road! So pooped, dirty and hungry! 
I could go on, but i'll save the graphics. Let's just say the least gross thing that happened today was me miss targeting and spitting all down my leg as I cycled down a huge hill. haha. good job Cree!

He says:

We've reached the extraction point, not sure where the team is to pull us out of here!
I seriously do not know how Creean made it through the day. The rain and cold the first day compared to today was such an extreme and made this day ( to me) so much more difficult. She's absolutely amazing and has zero quit in her. It would be hard to find any 22 year old that wouldn't have melted on a day like today.

Today was a scorcher to say the least! I had no expectations of 105 degree days on this trip, especially up here in CT. Thought we got off to a good start (6:30AM) that would get us in by 2:00ish, but that didn't workout because of the massive elevation climbing today. Road/route was smooth and great, but the heat just tore us down from 10:30 to 3:30. We pretty much needed to stop every 3 miles to cool off at C-stores and then had to walk up hills 4-5 times because of the inclines.  Still better than the ACA mapped route.

I'm a little bummed I don't have the ability yet to take more pictures while riding. The scenery is stunning, but between just have a cell phone and all the very challenging riding, it's just not easy to get pictures. But rolling through the countryside of central CT was very pretty today.

We are setting up a little different now due to the heat, hills, and pace.  Going to be doing a little shorter days ( in the 30-40 miles) over the next week to make sure we get out of these hills alive.


Miles - 56 miles (243 total)

Calories - 3,366 (10,283 total)
Time - 8:45 (35.25 total)
Total Climb - 3,366 feet (10,238 total)
Putnam CT - Hartford CT
Room 126
Boston Market (Turkey Dinner and 1/2 chicken and 5 sides)

Putnam CT by the water

Just another typical rural road in CT

Beer, Bibles, Bullets and Book store

Still happy, but the heat just started to get cranked up

Creean making it up like hill # 15 of 30

Loosing track of stoppage time due to the heat

Yep, 109 at the Bank today

Getting to  the west side of Hartford

So glad this day is OVER!

Someone is a HUGE Boston Market fan.

Today's route


  1. Hydrate hydrate hydrate !! Concerned that your going to be riding in the heat wave...stay positive and laugh.

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