Saturday, June 30, 2018

Heat Wave and Hilly

Cree says:

Today was, again, a day of improvement and getting more comfortable and knowledgeable about preserving energy (+ all the positive self-talk in the world)! The roads however, while 60% of them were great, the other 40% need some TLC by means of new paving; what I'm trying to say is that when we pulled into the hotel for the night I hit my handlebar and exclaimed "I'm tired of being thrown around by these roads". So much tired passion Creean, so much. 

Random thoughts of the day: 
- Damn Lance, I understand the roids 
- Damn, if i were the other (clean) racers, I would be SO mad at Lance
- Why are we on a 5 mile trail made of sand and racquetball size rocks?
- The people we are meeting along the way are so freaking nice! and way encouraging.
- I'm fishtailing. Stop, regroup. I'm falling, I'm currently falling!!! (into dirt, all good, just bruised)
- Cool! I've never had a tan from gloves before
- If I eat one more bug I'm going to loose it 
- Is there a pool around here?
- I've never cussed this much before.

He says:

Another big test today with hills (3,000 feet of climbing) and the heat ( 90 deg). We got off to a good start at 6AM and knocked out 25 miles before the heat kicked in. We went to Havard (CT) today, then cruised through Northborough and Westborough ( wish is actually south of Northborough) After some breakfast and liquid refill in Westborough, had a NOT enjoyable 5 mile ride on some rough pavement getting ready for a new road. Then climbed and road through Whitenville, Douglas, Thompson and into Putnam.  

Switching over to Google maps for the next 10 days or so. The ACA maps we have are taking us up a little too far north where there is a lot of elevation changes to deal with. Going to swing through lower Connecticut to get a little shorter route to make our days a little easier. We've been spending too much time on the bike these first 3 days.

Ended up in a desolate spot tonight so we had to order in Domino's. Cheesy Bread, Medium Pizza, Salad ( for Creean), Buffalo Chicken sandwich and Blondie Brownies.  Hella intake after today's ride.


Stats - 59 miles (187 total)
Calories - 3,001 (9,113 total)
Time - 8:15 (26:30 total)
Total Climb - 2,828 feet (6,872 total)
Ayer MA - Putnam CT
Room 106
Dominos Takeout (Pizza, sandwich, cheesy bread, salad, Blondie)

Rolling tree lined hills of MA

First walk of the day up Sawyer Hill

Break after the monster walk up the hill

Northborough scenery

Bad Ass Bikers

We didn't accept the detour and went across the bridge anyway
Yes, Creean we have to dip the tires somewhere

Connecticut and as far as you know that marker in the background WAS the Tristate Marker for MA, RI, and CT. Also the very ROUGH off roading trail.

Race night in Thompson CT

Required rest stop to not overheat.

Rolling in to Putnam with a Peacock welcome!

Today's route

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