Monday, July 2, 2018

1/2 day off

Cree says:

Such a nice day! It was a great relief to have a short day with a quick and enjoyable ride (except that last hill, phew). Who knew every individual pore of your legs could sweat (weird stuff)?? I hadn't seen it until yesterday and today. 

Dad said to me today "hey don't ever ask me to do anything physical again" lol. This spurred the terrible epiphany that my exercise pain tolerance is way too high in dad's mind. I feel like he is going to compare anything in to the future with a "yeah, but remember that day on the bike trip! If you could do that then..." so that'll be interesting to see in the years to come. 

Excited for the next couple days and a little side adventure we have planned!
He says:

Half day of work and half day of riding. We needed a nice short ride today, but still did it in the heat so we could checkout of the hotel at 11 and checkin at 3. Saw the massive elevation change on google maps and knew there was a big hill to get up. 10% grade on the signs on the roads. Trucks were also struggling getting up. Other than that, just a nice easy ride.

Hit the CT towns of New Britain, Southington and Milldale before getting into the east side of Waterbury.  Pretty uneventful day compared to the last 4.  We've got some fun days coming up though.... that's your teaser to keep checking in ;)!

Miles - 22 (265 total)
Calories - 1,189  (13,433 total)
Time - 3:15 (38.5 total)
Total Climb - 1,430 feet (11,668 total)
Hartford CT - Waterbury CT
Room 103
Texas Road House ( Pulled Pork , Steak, fries, potatoes, peanuts, and too much bread!)

Taking off a little later today to make sure we get enough heat.

Pretty little downtown square of New Britain CT

Nice and flat road around the resevoir

Nice and easy bike trail for 4 miles always helps!

The start of the 700 foot elevation change in a mile ( aka walk the bike for 45 minutes)

Top of the hill.

Today's route


  1. 22 Miles! That was my ride today, but not with the 10% grade at the end! And temp was probably 75! 🚴💕

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