Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Big Miles

Cree says:

What a long day it was! However, once again, all hail the trail. The early morning hills were a kick in the butt. How humbling it is to have to get off your bike and walk up a hill, only to then need a break from the walking! Woke us up for sure!

Then came the trail and we were chugging along; there's really no better feeling than getting a good pace without soreness/tiredness. Also, thank you trail for the shade (lifesaving). 

Continually, the trail granted me the great memory of falling on my butt for the first time (no need to worry, no harm done). As every cyclist does at some point (I'm assuming), when I was preparing to stop on the trail I clipped my right foot out of my pedal (intending to put it safely on the ground), and leaned left. Pretty easy to picture it from there. I can't believe it was the one time dad and I were out of eye-shot. 

Special thanks to my moral boosters of the day: gatorade, chips and guac, shade, gnomes, the smell of the McCormick spice factory, ice cold water and dad jokes 

PS: I don't know why I keep getting flat tires, but thank you to my mechanic (dad)!

He says:

That was a challenging day, but all in all went pretty good because we got out early. First 40 miles were mostly all on a nice hard packed, fine gravel trail. We had some modest up hills and quite a bit of downhill as we followed a creek/stream from south east PA to north Baltimore.  From there we had to cut across metro Baltimore from the north/north east side to the west side. Google took us on a wide variety of streets through residential areas, commercial areas, and busy streets, but we made it through all in one piece, but we are icing the legs tonight ;)

You can see the pictures from today, we had a very pretty ride through the northern part of MD. We are glad we are getting so many trail miles in as well and surprised there are so many miles available out here on the east coast. The rail trails are more gentle rolling compared to the roads and obviously much safer (except for tires on one of our bikes apparently).

Miles - 63 (640 total)
Calories - 3,011  (32,049 total)
Time - 6:30 (79:15 total)
Total Climb - 2,090 feet (24,413 total)
York PA - Baltimore MD ( west side)
Ramada Inn room 123
Popeye's ( Creean's reward) and Sweet Frog (yogurt by the weight)

Earlier start for 6-7 miles on local PA roads.

A wide variety of pics from the 35 miles of trail riding.

Probably the most unique thing we've seen so far. These nice people had a nice setup of snacks and drinks all on the honor system setup on the trail. But obviously the gnomes were guarding the food and money. This deserved all 3 pics I took posted. ( do not forget to click on the image to get the full view!!)

Pretty cool place here to pass by. The McCormick spice plant.... yes of course it smelled great.

Fun Baltimore city riding ( yes that's sarcasm)

Oddity at the hotel tonight.

Creean had a rough ride, so her dinner choice tonight

Flat # 3 for Creean..really not sure about this one. It as fine before lunch and flat after. And... she got the back one today as well ( I hate the grease mess on my hands!)

Today's route.


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