Friday, July 13, 2018

DC...not so much of a day off

It was a day off the bikes, it was not a day off the exercise though. I ended up with 12.5 miles of walking on my phone today just wandering to the subway, McDonalds, the subway, WDC, museums and back.  Oops, probably needed a little more rest than that and we'll both pay for it tomorrow most likely.  

But we did get to meet my Congressman Jared Polis for a few minutes during his lunch. And then Noah, one of his interns this summer, took us on a tour fo the House side of the Capitol Building.  What a great time and so nice to have a personal tour with just us. So, a big thank you to the entire CO District 2 team for the invitation and hospitality today.

We were in the House chambers, but could not tale pictures. But that was all pretty cool. Way smaller than it appears on TV. Meandered through both the Smithsonian Air & Space museum and the Natural History museum on our way back to the subway.

Looks like our last week will be a little brutal, although we should be "dry", we'll still be hot and sweaty in the 90-95 degree heat coming up.


Miles - 12.5 (697 total)
Calories - 0  (34,283 total)
Time - 0 (85 total)
Total Climb - 0 feet (26,116 total)
Arlington VA
Red Lion Hotel Arlington Room 114
Chipotle naked burritos for dinner.

Longest escalator I've ever seen down to the subway.

Go Colorado!

All the states get 2 statues they can present in the halls of the Capitol. These are Colorado's! 

Florence Rena Sabin, a pioneer for women in the medical sciences and the first woman to hold a full professorship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Badass astronaut and Congressman Jack Swigert.

The rotunda of the Capital Building

Blue skies in DC today

Rocking the homemade bike satchel today!

Seriously, the first airplane and propeller ... that's pretty cool

Today's route ( roughly )


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