Tuesday, July 3, 2018

More hot and hilly

Cree says:

on behalf of Creean... I write.....
My legs are tired, it's really hot outside, I'm stretching and icing my legs a lot.
I love my dad ( she really did say that)

He says:

These miles are so challenging to get through with all the ups and downs. They just eat up the legs so quick.  But we got off to an early start (7:30ish) and had some fog for cover the first 2 hours.  Once that burned off, it was quickly back in the 85-90 degrees for the next 3 hours.
A little more elevation that we expected ( google maps said 2100 and we did 2600), so that sucked.  Meandered through south Waterbury, Middlebury, Southbury, Sandy Hook, Newton, and into Danbury. The uphills are "walkers" and the downhills were all pretty fun today.  We've worked really hard to get to 300 miles the last 6 days and both of us are just now starting to get out of the "shell shock" and feeling like we are getting int he groove. Ideally the 40-45 miles a day now will be very doable.  

Should get a little more relief and flatness over the next 3-4 days as we get in to NY and NJ. obviously looking forward to more easy riding. Also the weather should be getting back to normal temps.  

Miles - 36 (300 total)
Calories - 2,016  (15,449 total)
Time - 5:30 (44 total)
Total Climb - 2,589 feet (14,257 total)
Waterbury CT - Danbury CT
Room 115
O'Brien's Irish Pub ( fish and chips, buffalo chicken wrap, mozzarella sticks and McFlury)

Heading out of Waterbury and crossing yet another stream/river

Catching a breather

More hilly country roads in CT

First Gatoraide stop

Catching an easier, traffic free 3 miles in Middlebury

Morning break and food fill up at basically DD

I-84 crossing ... one of the 6 times today 

Creean wins with the first flat tire. So glad it was the front

Another bridge crossing

Road through Sandy Hook and Newtown today, ;( sad to think of the pain this town bears.
If you full screen this picture, you'll see the dueling steeples at the Newtown town center and the flag pole int he middle of the road.  Also WAY off in the distance is the up and down mountains we've been riding these last 3 days.

Heating up and we are getting tired.

Success and home for the night

Today's route


  1. You two are real troopers,we (almost) feel your pain. Love your pictures. Stay safe

  2. I so admire the two of you 💕