Sunday, July 15, 2018

Draining day with the wind in our face

Cree Says:

Ouch. Today was a long, slow, drudge of a day due to tired muscles from yesterdays ride. I managed to find some comedic relief by finding all the ways we were acting like to old men today: grunting because we were too tired to talk, droopy faces, moseying our way up hills, and cursing at the wind (just to name a few). I really don't know how we made it another tough day, but we just tried to keep it mindless and methodical. 

PS - Thank you McDonalds man for entirely ignoring my body language, no direct eye-contact, and zero verbal response and telling me about how your son puts bikes together and how our ride today isn't going to be that bad. We had a strong initial three minutes and then you had to deal with (but probably didn't even realize) rude Creean. Sincerely my bad sir. 

He says:

To say we are counting down the miles is an understatement. We are pretty much ready to be done here. The heat, wind and hilly roads are now just draining our legs now. We have a 38, 57, 33, 32 and 16 mile days ahead of us and I'm sure we'll be limping in by Friday.

Today was just another long drawn out day in southern rural VA. We did have better roads and Sunday morning did provide light traffic pretty much the first 3-4 hours. So that's all a great part of the day.  

Really not a whole lot to say about today. We meandered through the rest of Fredericksburg, had some breakfast in Bowling Green, and then just grinded out the last 30 miles in to the north side of Richmond VA.

Found a great rate at Springhill Suites that has a great pool and laundry room for us to clean up (maybe fresh clean clothes will make a difference these last 5 days ;).

Miles - 67.5 (822 total)
Calories - 3,229  (40,380 total)
Time - 7:00 (97.5 total)
Total Climb - 2,851 feet (30,598 total)
Fredericksburg VA - Glen Allan VA (north Richmond)
Springhill Suites Room 333

One of these start pictures was faked (and one was how we really felt)

More like a dried up riverbed than a battlefield

Creean's bridge crossing of the day

That flag pretty much sums up the day of wind in our face

Various random rural VA pics

Some serious McD re-fueling at mile 24 ( biscuits, bacon egg cheese biscuits and cinibites)

It was there and so we had to ride it

So many unusual signs out there on the road.

Pit stop with 24 to go

Pit stop with 16 to go ( and last 30minutes of World Cup)

3 levels of side road to choose ( none of them really comfortable or convenient)

And then my favorite stretch of 600 feet of road today. Where I'll assume some type of Federal Law exists that tells the states they need some bike lanes. Virginia (in my opinion) could care less and so some random place.

a) Bike Lane RANDOMLY starts here and we're like "awesome, we get a bike lane the rest of the way".

b) No more than 300 feet later the bike ENDS here

c) No more than 300 feet later, there are random bike lanes at a stop sign.
There is just STUPID stuff out here in VA.

Today' route

One late addition to our evening


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