Friday, July 6, 2018

Get me out of Trenton alive

Cree says:

Today was a great ride. I was pretty tired this morning and it was hard to rally, but once we got some food (more so, once I got some coffee) we were on a roll. Thank goodness for my mechanic (dad) fixing my flat tire. It was also really fun to stop in a local bike shop to get his new rim and rest! Excited to go through Philly tomorrow (& be far away from wherever the heck we are now)!!

He says:

I said.... hey Cree looks like rain, lets take a day off. And she said no lets ride 55 miles. She will tell you this was the other way around ( maybe it was).  Anyway, forecasted thunderstorms all day actually turned out not being not so bad. Had a good 3 hour window in the morning. Raind 45 minutes while we hit McDonalds and got some work in. Then had a little drizzle for 45 minutes while riding, but cleared up the last 2 hours of the ride. 

We had a great ride today.  You can see it was fairly flat, the weather was overcast and 75-80ish and I do NOT know what McDonalds puts in their Cappuccinos, but Creean was FLYING this afternoon. I mean she knocked out 13 miles or so in 45 minutes.  Good smooth roads, a little down hill and maybe some tail wind made a huge difference and glad we caught that break today.

Had a little 20 minute delay getting Creean's front tire changed out, but that worked out great in the long run because it made us stop for some new tubes at a bike shop we rode past. That in me a new back rim that I was riding on and just waiting for something bad to happen.  We now have all good equipment except not quite sure what's up with Creean's front tire and why that's happening is all.

With a great ride comes a bad ending.  We are in a pretty shady area tonight. The hotel's shady, the parking lot's shady ( someone's changing their oil in their car out there). The WaWa c-store dinner was the best choice.  Pretty sure we saw either some drugs and/or sex transactions going down. Then saw 5-6 homeless people making their way into the woods on the walk back.  We are basically not unpacking, throwing our stuff on in the morning and getting out of dodge as fast as possible.


Miles - 54 (459 total)
Calories - 2,503  (22,735 total)
Time - 6:00 (61:00 total)
Total Climb - 837 feet (17,381 total)
Hazlet NJ - Levittown PA
Room 201
WaWa C-store ( Buffalo Chicken wrap, Quesadillas, Mac and Cheese, Bread)

Off to a little late start due to weather, but feeling good about the day at this point.

Nice little 5-6 miles on the trail to get going

Some of New Jersey's finest farmland

Creean going all in on flat tires!!

Half way stop in East Windsor NJ.... McDonalds again.

I always wonder what the aliens will think when they find these places.

Finally found a rim!! Thanks Van at Bicycle Rack in East Windsor NJ for not only having a rim, but swapping it out and getting us on our way.

This is fixed....

The perfect pit stop though, we got to watch Brasil V. Belgium first half!

Creean turning on the after burners today!

Creean's Daily bridge picture ( crossing the Delaware)

NJ Capital in the background and PA in the future.

Stopping on the church steps to watch the last 10 minutes of Brasil V. Belgium

Crappy hotel night calls for actually not so bad C-Store ( WaWa) food.

Today's ride.


  1. love the pictures, love your determination, we pray for strength and safety each day. making memories, wonderful

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