Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Head winds and hills

Had some sluggish legs today getting going after a day off.  Finally got back in to it all about 30 minutes in though.  Straight on head winds at 10-15 MPH all day as well makes for slow going.  Google wasn't so accurate today. Was supposed to be 600 feet of climbing, but wasn't even close at 1500ish. Oh well, that's what you get some days. All worked out great, got checked in to the hotel early and got to watch the Belgium/France FIFA game.

About 400 miles to go now, but still some work to do rolling through MD, VA and NC. We are looking forward to DC on Thursday and Friday now as that's the next target here. 

Miles - 31.3 (577 total)
Calories - 1,682  (29,038 total)
Time - 3:30 (72:45 total)
Total Climb - 1,448 feet (22,323 total)
Lancaster PA - York PA
Country Inn & Suites Room 221

Mod Pizza ( Pizza and Maple Donuts, local place, for dessert)

Pretty much all day on West PA 340

Rolled through downtown Lancaster

Crossing the Susquehanna River ( about a mile long bridge) from Columbia to Wrightville

US Route 30 crossing over as well.

Got the Orange and Red detour signs today!

Rolling roads

Mod Pizza, a Creean favorite!

Today's route


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