Saturday, July 7, 2018

King of Prussia!! (half way)

Cree says:

Such an exciting day. For some reason, dad has been fixated on coming to King of Prussia, really just with the name I guess, but here we are and I'm pretty psyched too. It was an easy ride in, but city traffic gets pretty frustrating as it is so stop and go. Who knew there were so many cyclists too in Philadelphia, so many people out on the trails this beautiful Saturday morning. Glad to be at the hotel and so close to a cool mall, should be a fun night. I can't believe we are half way done; I can't believe that getting up everyday and biking a ton of miles is feeling super normal right now. So grateful for this opportunity and dad for being a great partner!

Also, dad says that we get a rest day Monday, fingers crossed that actually happens but at this point we just joke (does not seem like a thing we do lol). 

He says:

I've been looking forward to King of Prussia (KOP locally) since I saw it on the maps. May be one of the coolest town names in the country.  Then who knew....If I said where's the biggest mall in the US.  You'd say "Mall of America". I say.... nope it's the King of Prussia Mall with 2.9 million square feet of retail space. Again.. who knew. When Creean saw the list of tenants, she could not wait to get here either because her favorite store is here, Primark (only 2 in  all of US).  

Pretty straight forward ride today and we saw great economic disparity that we have in the US. We rode through upper north east Philly this morning for about 10 miles and saw some real poverty.  Then as we drifted into the west side of town, we began to see "middle America" life styles.  We both agree we are grateful and thankful for all the opportunities we have, earned, nurtured and natured.

Had a minor re-route to the Conshohoken PA (had to drop that name too)  Marriot Legends sports bar to catch the second half of England v. Sweden.  Perfect stop for a half Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and a Coors Light.

Good half day of riding as tomorrow will be a full day, but finally....Creean is giving me Monday off.  I can't wait.


Miles - 37.5 (497 total)
Calories - 1,911  (24,646 total)
Time - 3:45 (65:45 total)
Total Climb - 1237 feet (18,618 total)
Levittown PA - King of Prussia PA
Cheesecake Factory ( Salad, Eggs and ham)
Hampton Inn room 705

Real easy first 10 miles.... flat and smooth

Identity crisis for Street Road!!

Various Philly pics.  I'm sure its just that I'm not used to it being from the Midwest, but every store was retail on the bottom and living space on top the whole way. Also.... not quite sure how health inspectors could possible do their work. There are SO MANY food establishments along this 10 miles.

This is a pretty cool bridge going over the Schuylkill River

Break time catching our minds after city riding

Trail riding into Conshohoken.

Soccer break for England v. Sweden

Today's ride


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