Thursday, July 19, 2018

Last Stop

Cree says:

Well, well, well. Today was pretty. It is amazing how different the scenery and topography of NC is compared to the other states; come to think of it, a good few of the states we have gone through are so distinct. I was going to say how great it is that NC is so very flat, however there were a couple hills today that wore me down. Also, we have been on route 1 here, which has a picture of a bike on every sign for it, and it has zero bike room - riddle me that NC?! Oh well, seems like both of us are about out of energy. We had a great pace today, however, my mind was at the "95% am over pedaling" mark. 

Overall, I am feeling very grateful for this opportunity. I am processing a couple of solid learning moments and feeling so thankful for the support of our family and friends; your encouragement has been everything! Also, HUGE thanks to all the drivers who have kept their eyes on the road and kept us safe! I have a whole new perspective on what "sharing the road" means.

He says:

Great 12 MPH pace today for sure. Some of that was the wind although it was swirling and in all sorts of direction today. Some of that is knowing we are only riding 3 hours, so no need to save up. And some of that is just wanting to be off the bikes.  We really are both ready to be done.

As I wrap up here on this trip (I think I may retire), I do find my self wondering how the heck I pulled this one off. I had maybe 200 miles of training (not really enough), 7 more years on this body than the last trip, and quite busier work wise than the last time around. So the odds were a little against me. I really would only hope that people can realize you can do whatever it is you set out to do. No matter what you decide to do (I just happened to have picked this bike touring thing), you really can push yourself further than you can imagine.  My two trips combined will be 9 weeks on a bike, cover almost 4,000 miles, and will touch 20 states (plus DC).  Just eight years ago, this wasn't even an idea yet. But with the best and right kind of support (Kelly AND Jim) and enough determination (wether mine or Creean's) this all happened and I'm a better person for the whole experience.

Thanks everyone for reading along and rooting us on, we felt the love!

Miles - 33 (988 total)
Calories - 1,829  (47,814 total)
Time - 2:45 (111:30 total)
Total Climb - 1,273 feet (36,250 total)
Henderson NC - Wake Forest NC
Sleep Inn Room 116
Charlie's Kabob (chicken pita and chicken & cheese hoagie)

Someone couldn't wait to get going today. After I pumped all the tires up and threatened to leave here in the dust

Off and running

NC has some odd signs specially built. These were out on the road all day long in various designs with good detail!

These have to start somehow and somewhere I guess. I just have to think, you have to know a lot of neighbors to get this started and we are in a very rural place ( there was not a church here)

Almost right across the road, but this seemed more family oriented.


Tobacco and scattered corn today

I really couldn't keep up today. But this was a young lady with a nail spa on her mind.

Safe and sound in Wake Forest and once again appreciative of hotel staff letting us in early

Today's route


  1. So excited for you... remembering the last mile into Hilton Head, and wishing we could cheer you on to your last tomorrow... congratulations and safe travels tomorrow!

  2. Hurray for both of you!! So thankful for decent riding conditions and safe travel. A tremendous both should be proud of your achievement just as your family is.

  3. Just catching up on your last week of blogs. Happy belated Birthday to Cree! Congrats on completing your amazing bike ride🚴❤️!

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