Thursday, July 12, 2018

DC and 2/3 of the way there

Cree says:

This (picture of Dwight K. Schrute) is the most accurate description of what goes on in my head and heart when we get to go on a trail, see a McDonalds, make it to the hotel (finally), chug along at the same pace as traffic, or have a blacktop bike lane. 

dwight schrute fire drill GIF

Today was a fun day in many regards. Cycling through the national mall in DC, having dinner with family friends, and a lot of good trails/bike lanes made me a happy camper! Another majorly entertaining thing for me is when we go through city traffic and expressive Creean emerges. There's something about slow moving, indecisive motorists (and pedestrians) that makes me share my opinion... who knew. Luckily we are quick thinkers and navigate pretty well on our bikes. Feeling good! 

He says:

Pretty cool day today, a lot like the NYC day getting to ride through WDC. Started off a little hectic in Baltimore rush hour traffic for the first 15-20 minutes. But we got out of that pretty quick and out to the country side.  Ellicott City looked like a fun, old town from a long time ago.  Got some early climbing ( and by climbing I mean walking) in on some 10% grades... in a residential neighborhood.  

Sometimes google maps gets you int he oddest places and we are both like.."where is she taking us!!". But then all of a sudden you get on 15 miles or so of bike trail and you go "ohh, that's why we did that".  About mile 23 we got on to US route 1. I gotta say overall, not that impressed with MD being too biker friendly. US1 was an awesome 6 lane highway with 0 inches of clearance on the right side of the white line. So a little hectic here and there along the way, and a little slow down riding the side walks where necessary.

McD's stop was good as always, about half way through for a re-fuel. Then, pretty much rolled on down hill into WDC.  Our route brought us in from the east side (Capitol Building) and all through the mall and across the Potomac.  A little extra time on the clock today because we pretty much strolled through as you can tell by the pictures.

Day off tomorrow for some work catch up AND...a Capitol Building tour with our congressman Jared Polis's team. Got lucky with a short notice tour scheduled!!

Miles - 44.5 (685 total)
Calories - 2,234  (34,283 total)
Time - 5:45 (85 total)
Total Climb - 1,703 feet (26,116 total)
Baltimore MD (west side) - Arlington VA
Red Lion Hotel Arlington Room 114

7:30AM departure and Creean looking all police woman like

Ellicott City, but we kind of just zipped right through it.

First walk of the day

Neighborhood riding!

Trail riding, it was all zipping around left and right all the way!

Sometimes ya just gotta stop and play!

Get out of the way. Saw 2-3 of these lurking in the woods and grassy areas today.

Creean's bridge crossing ( Potomac was too busy of a road today to get one)

Passed by 2 lawn mowers!!

MD sidewalks and then some clear sailing


Cool little houses about a mile from the mall area

First views!

Creean could have been recruited for mall patrol today in that shirt!

Break time on the Mall!

As close as they would let me!

Lots of photo ops here.

Random professional photographer we found here

Still patrolling

If you know the are... you know we are almost done with the pics now.

Great times and great meal with Pat and Bob tonight who are trying so hard to get settled in to Virginia.

Today's route


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