Wednesday, July 4, 2018

All hail the trail!

Cree says:

Happy 4th! Today was a great day! Easy riding, shade, rivers, and a new state! It felt SO good to cross over into New York. Love getting to hang out with dad at the end of the day with some energy!!

He says:

Nothing gets you back in the game like a "easy" day. Today was by far the the easiest and safest with 30+ miles all on trails. Although there was quite a few really bumpy stretches all through out the ride, we were mostly down hill and when we were climbing, it was easy climbing. Like I told Creean, it's better to dodge people than cars.

So.... if you can guess, from the maps.... NYC is on the agenda tomorrow. We are both really excited about getting on the bike in the morning and rolling through Manhatten. We'll have some great pictures tomorrow as we hope to take some time soaking in NYC.

Miles - 44 (340 total)
Calories - 1,928  (17,377 total)
Time - 5:00 (49:00 total)
Total Climb - 1,598 feet (15,855 total)
Danbury CT - Elmsford NY
Room 70
Pete's Saloon ( BBQ Port and Chicken/Bacon sandwich)

Early roll in to New York

Brewster NY was a nice little place

Quick stop on the trail by the lake

Heck ya, we passed that kid on the trail!

Random sitings on the trail today.

Today's Bridge crossings.

Rolling along the trail

All safe at the Motel 6 ( we think)

Sweating orange this whole trip... any Dr.'s in the house to tell me what that's about!?

A little Ben & Jerry's while we kill time before dinner.

And a little putting contest with the bartender are Pete's Saloon. Jeff knew the break better than me.

Today's route

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