Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Birthday = Cheatday

Cree says:

I'd say it's about time to wrap this shebang up - I made a dad joke, out loud, today. You heard me right; we passed the town of Dewitt and I just couldn't help but say "Just Dew-It"!! Yikes, personal low. 

On another note, I turned 22 today, another year older but not a lick wiser... yep, I fell again. Dad shot up to me "hang a right" and oh boy did I do just that, right into a bunch of sand and onto the ground. Thank goodness it was on a back road and absolutely nothing happened other than a few laughs. 

McDonalds dialogue of the day:
"Yep, we came from Maine, it's taken about 20 days or so" - me
"How wonderful, some trip to do with your husband (yes, she had seen dad), and now do you cycle no matter if it rains or snows?" 

Thank goodness for Ben; best birthday present I have ever received. When it comes down to it, 30 dangerous miles in a truck is better than on the road. Also, first time I got a ride from a stranger... great start to my 23rd year (as dad about that "Whitehouse" reasoning). 

He says:

Everyone breaks at some point. After 3 hours of in to the wind riding (again!), a flat tire (again!), and 3.5 hours of hill riding ahead of us in 88 degrees and a chance of showers, today seemed like a good day.  So, when someone stops and asks if they can help, I seized the moment. HUGE thanks to Ben from McKenney VA ( born and raised and likely will never leave, Petersburg VA 24 miles away is "venturing too far" for him).  Anyway, Ben was wondering if we had what we needed to fix the tire and offered to go get his air compressor, which wasn't necessary.  He looked like he wasn't that busy AND...he had big truck. Creean and I were debating if we hitchhiked or begged... I think it was begging technically. 

I was just looking to go 15 miles or so to split the difference, but Ben didn't seem to care about stopping once he got us loaded up for our 25 mile cheat.  We learned about VA tobacco farming and how tough it was even 30 years ago because of state allotments and land rent costs.  It's basically now impossible for small farms to grow.  He was quick to compare us biking to him and his wife living in a 28 foot trailer for year while building their house... as in it's fun once, but never again.  

We appreciated the ride in to town and honestly the first time we took the opportunity to be able to slow down and meet someone on this trip. Thanks again Ben.

Miles - 56.5 (913 total)
Calories - 1,539  (43,651 total)
Time - 3:45 (105:15 total)
Total Climb - 1,991 feet (33,600 total)
Petersburg VA - South Hill VA
Holiday Inn Express room 406
El Saucito ( enchiladas, margarita and coors light)

Off to an early start for a lot of reasons. 1) not the best part of town and wanted to hustle out. 2) it's a long hot day of riding, 3) can't let the birthday girl sleep in.

We went by no less than 10 churches this morning in 2 miles

Morning shadow riding!

Politically incorrect market

Birthday breakfast of champions!

Raleigh is in sight!!

Battlefield camp for kids, really ???

Hey Creean "turn right".. and she's down but un-hurt on the sand.

Hey google... no bike trail here!!

Re-routing back to the highway, just a 3 mile detour.

One pretty road pic for the day!

First break and half way

OK, lets change another tire!

OK, lets cheat today! Thanks Ben, we really really appreciated the lift today!

Safe and sound.

Birthday meal for the birthday girl!!

Yep, that's a vault at the hotel tonight

Today's route


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