Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Uphill to Salome AZ

Well that was a good long stretch, I had 4 good climbs before Phoenix and knocked 3 of them off today. First of all, Randy in Salome AZ owns the Westward Motel. He's totally renovated a 5 room hotel from the 1940's I think. He's sold out for the night, but said "come on over we'll figure something out". I'm sleeping in his airstream tonight. The place is awesome if you're ever here, I highly recommend it and he's already won awards from the AZ tourism board for his renovation. He's on his 14th Harley Davidson motorcycle. Also ran the lighthouse on a bird sanctuary between Hilton Head and Savannah GA, hope I get to see that. Anyway, thanks Randy!! Send Randy an email and thank him for taking care of me!! info@westwardmotel.net

You can see the elevation map was uphill, and a little break downhill, then repeat 2 more times. Two of those were on I-10 and actually all three were hard, but nothing like that first day. These are LONGGGG slow rising elevations. Had a little wind today keeping me going at a decent pace.

Quite a few good pictures today. Seriously, you're just going to have to deal with the pictures of me, it's just how I cope getting through the day and I'm only taking them the first half of the day when I'm happy.

One last observations. Lizards are actually a lot like squirrels. Had 2 of them jump out, cross half way and then ran back in front of me because they changed their mind. Also, they outrun me when I'm riding uphill.

Right now, I'm 2 days off form Phoenix for the weekend. Probably will do 55 miles tomorrow in the morning before noon to beat the heat and knock out that last climb and then 55 miles downhill into Tempe. Probably a couple days rest and check myself to see if I'm ready to tackle El Paso.

Stats - 63.1 miles (292)
Calories - 3494 ( 16,999 )
Time - 5:43 (23:46)
Total Climb - 2690 ( 12,149 ft )

Good Bye State #1

Hello AZ!!

What happens under an overpass, stays under the overpass! ( OK, its peeing )

Streching at the Rest area.

You can stop a cow, but you can't stop John White!

Climb 2 after a McD break to fix some code I broke before I left ( sorry Coverstar!! )

Lunch time in Brenda, AZ.

OK this is at Kalo Cafe where I got my shake today. Didn't know what Kalo was, but when I went to the bathroom, here's what appears to be Kalo the CLOWN!! Now, not sure I think I saw something about Kalo Mtns. and I see it's signed Binky, but I'm going with Kalo The Clown. This is for you Kelly ( and every other clown hater)

The Airstream I'm sleeping in tonight traveling the country.

Hanging the clothes out to dry, seriously it didn't take long at all!!

Randy is a ROCK STAR!! Literally, just told me about 14 years rigging. People, he saw the first semi used in any Rock Tour, the Rolling Stones Madison Square Garden. The badges ( on the wall behind his head) are Heart, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Ted Nuget Genesis, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Commodores, Kenny Rodgers, Dolly Pardon, Ratt, Madonna, Grateful Dead, David Bowie, Cameo, Police, and I'm MORE!.

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  1. I hate clowns but I love Randy! He must have some seen some things but nothing like WhiteBread :)

    What, no peeing pics? Come on Johnny.

    I can't wait to hear the story about how you have ended up sleeping in an Airstream and watching geologists bisect a core sample. Random and totally fun stuff Johnny! Keep meeting interesting peeps - love hearing about it.