Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'd like to say something

You may not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a 1 man wolf pack.

But last night, when everyone started to show up for the going away party, I started to feel like my wolf-pack had grown to like 30, maybe more. I was alone in my wolf-pack, the first in my pack, and now there's 30.

I want to thank all the wolves that were able to come last night, and the ones who couldn't make it. It was nice of you to come to our den and drink our drinks and eat our eats. You all know I'd slice my leg open for you, but i won't...... that would hurt. Trust me.

I want to thank Jim wolf for being a great business partner and sending me off. Too bad he couldn't make it last night, he was in NYC. I'm heading there today for hookers and cocaine.

I want to thank my little wolves, Pavin and Creean. Both are embarrassed (I'm sure) that I'm doing this trip, but I hope the things I do are always a good example of how to live.

I want to also thank Kelly wolf. I disagree with wiki answers, she's not really a she-wolf or bitch, she's just the best thing in the world. Thanks for who you are, what you do and what you've encouraged me to become.

So the send off is done, and just a few more days till we get the wheels rolling along. Only 1,900,000 times to make the wheel go around.


  1. Good luck, John! I can't wait to follow your trip.

  2. Kelly wolf loves you Johnny. What a wonderful post & what an amazing guy!! PS The Hangover references are hilarious but let's hope there are no crystal meth tweeekers on your journey

  3. I'm voting for you JW!!!! We are cheering for you--can't wait to follow it! I feel like I have my own Forest Gump on a bike in my family! You are amazing and brave and I'm so proud that you are so motivated to do this! "You ready to let the dogs out"?