Monday, May 23, 2011

The Centruy!!

102 miles, but not because I wanted to. I really had to in order to get back into civilization with a hotel and food. First thanks wind, I really wouldn't have made it without the help 10 MPH in the morning and 25-30 in the afternoon mostly all behind me. Thanks Creean for the playlist, great songs and I did get to listen at the end of today to get me through.

Check the Satellite image of the map (after you hit "view details") or google maps ( El centro CA to Blythe CA ), it's a pretty good shot at 60 miles of nothingness in the middle of that ride. So rolled out at 6:10 to beat the heat, that was a good idea till 9:45 or so. I went from below sea level, through various crop lands and aqueduct systems, cattle yards bigger than you can even imagine, to dessert "shrubbery", through really amazing sand dunes, slow steady climbs, real dips ( more later ) , downhill ( with dips), border patrol, and then 25 miles of more crop lands to Blythe, CA.

So a real dip in the road is... a downhill and an uphill easy enough. Some are 300-400 yards long, some are 1/4 mile. Some are 10-30 foot drop, some are more like 100 ft. All are on 2 lane highway with nothing next to the white line. There are semis, and everyone here has a big pick-up truck. There are curves and dips sometimes just cut through some of the mountain. So.. the trick is 1) wait, listen for traffic, 2) when clear, ride as fast as possible down so you don't work too hard getting back up. 3) watch the mirror in case you didn't hear something right. 4) watch in front to make sure the timing is OK in case 2 cars do need to pass. 5) stop at the top, check yourself, drink and do it again. Probably 40 times and then you're through that part of the course. Toughest part of the day.

Stats - 102.36 miles (229)
Calories - 6005 ( 13505 )
Time - 7:17:07 (18:03)
Total Climb - 1893 ( 9459 ft )

Morning Artistic shot.

My nooner at the Glamis Saloon (lunch that is). She was nice.

Future Big Macs!! ( probably 3/4 mile long and 1/2 mile deep )

Self Portrait #1 today on the water supply.

That is the biggest sand trap you've ever seen.

Border Patrol---"Do you have any people in those bags?" John - "Feels like it" Border Patrol-- "(laughs) Go on through, you can use the shade down there if you need some".

There was no river and no signs of water.

82 miles, time for Ice Cream.

Crossing I-10. 2 more miles! Totally spent.


  1. Sand trap pic = awesome! Cracking up Border dude is much improved from your Canadian crossing " ummm clothing...computers...". I bet he went back to the office & shared that story with the rest of his crew. What I learned today - it's good NOT to be a cow, especially in the desert (one "s" Johnny ) and my husband has massive mental toughness to make it one HUNDRED miles in one day the desert with dips, dunes & deenkie convenience stores!!

  2. I can not even believe that you rode 100 miles! And 6000 calories; hope you are keeping up with the food intake! Way to go!!