Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nothing but rest today

Slept in til 7:00.
Got some work done for a few hours.
Watched the Indy 500 live on ABC. (awesome race this year!!)
Went to the movie to see Hangover 2 ( funny!!)
Stocked up for camping night at Walmart ( Cliff bars, 8 peanut butter sandwiches,water)
Watched the end of NASCAR race ( another great race ending ).
Man it was too bad both the National Guard cars didn't win today on the last laps!

Yesterday I ran into a couple of Marines at a C-store and they asked me what I was doing. After a very brief "headed east as far as I can response", they said "Wow that's cool, you're pretty awesome". It was pretty easy to reply, "No, lets keep this in perspective, I'm just riding a bike. You and all the other people in the armed forces are the ones that adjectives like awesome and hero should be reserved for".

So today and tomorrow, I find myself remembering and being thankful to all the people who've served over the years. I personally couldn't do what all those people have done, but I get to enjoy the USA the way I am for this bike trip as well as every other day I'm been around.


Stats - 0 (576)
Calories - 0 ( 31,812 )
Time - 0 (45:24)
Total Climb - 0 ( 19,892 ft )