Sunday, May 22, 2011

That was INSANE!!

That was a WILD 73 miles, so say the least. Coolest part was flying down 4000 feet in 12 miles. Pretty crazy that a day and a half climb to 4000 feet ended in a 12 mile, maybe 15 minute plummet back to sea level ( oh yeah on the 2 lane interstate I-8). I had to stop 3 times just to gut check the whole thing. Totally cool.

Had a rough 3 hours up and down some decent climbs before I got to the roller coaster. Had a couple good downhill runs in there, first border patrol check point ( but they were checking on the other side of the road. Saw at least 20 patrol cars, saw the border fence ( or wall not sure ) for the first time. Had an old dude encourage me to keep going in Jacumba only later to have him go past me honking the horn and encouraging me up the hill one more time.

Then the downhill ride. Basically it's ride the brakes ( both of them ) just to keep it under 35 mph. you can see I let it go to 38 MPH in the map. Eyes totally focused on every single little thing on the side of the road to make sure I didn't hit. Stop, breath deep, and repeat 2 more times. INSANE but awesome.

Then first ride to the dessert. Had about 30 miles to get to the end of the day in El Centro and the famous Super Star hotel ( they used to have a pool but that was a while ago. --need to update your Expedia listing --). Phone said 96 degrees at 4:00 and I saw a buzzard wondering if I was fair game.

Stats - 73.17 miles (126.8)
Calories - 3549 ( 7500 )
Time - 5:17:57 (10:46:00)
Total Climb - 2323 ( 7566 ft )

First time out with all the gear. If I'd have tried this at home I wouldn't have come.

Don't Drink The Water, there's blood in the water.

First self portrait, classic John White pose!

Pee break #2, no problem with dehydration yet that's for sure.

The Border

I was way up there at the top 5 minutes earlier.

First Dessert sign (yes it's really hot in the dessert)

Dessert oasis.

Water building for the locals, $.25 a gallon, $1.00 for 5 gallons. Another day like this and I'd have showered for a $1.00!


  1. Buzzards beware - Jonh White-meat is tough! Great self portrait Johnny. No more 38 mile an hour downhill stories though - it makes me worry even though you made it safely to Palo Verde

  2. Classic, John! I want you to know that I'm driving around Indy honking my horn and yelling, "Go, John!" out the window. It's freaking people out a bit, but I'm there with you in spirit.

    Best line so far: "First time out with all the gear. If I'd have tried this at home I wouldn't have come."

    Love the Garmin data, too. It's a nice addition to the your travelogue. Keep the updates coming!


    P.S. I was going to advise you to keep your eyes front on those downhills, but perusing your route, I don't think you have any downhills left! ;-)

  3. Speaking of keeping your eyes front on the downhill:

    Someone told me one time, as I was heading for the ditch on my bike, "don't look at where you don't want to go (e.g., the ditch or that pole, etc.), because that is exactly where you will end up. Turn your eyes and look at where you want to go."

    Love the blog! Love you!

  4. Thanks Jim! Glad you are following along a rooting for me. Actually my eyes are pretty glued to the road looking for obstacles or anything else that will damage a tire. The last thing I want is a flat tire.