Wednesday, June 27, 2018

DMB July 20th or bust!

Cree says:

Crazy day, crazy day. Dad and I traveled across the country (myself way to sick for comfort) and found out how beautiful Maine is, we realized we are going to bike through 4 states in a ripe 4 days, and Germany got booted from the World Cup (personal heartbreak, oh well, go Mexico!). Upon getting to our hotel, we put our bikes together; I mean dad completed this assembly because he reinforces to me everyday that he is a jack of all traits. However, his weakness is being dirty so it was wonderful to watch him put chains on and get covered in black grease, squirming with delight. Overall, the moral is high in this 1/2 of the camp. I may be sick and tomorrows forecast may be 100% rain, but what an experience and to do it with the one and only John Albert. Kapowwww. 

He says:

(just a little blog on the pics for bigger views)

Off and running on our 3 week adventure to DMB in Raleigh, NC on July 20th.

Heck of a long travel day to get across the country. Left the house at 3 AM and got to the hotel at 3PM so a fun 10 hour day of travel.

Bikes and all though made it in 1 piece. First sign we saw when we got on I-70 alerted us that it’s “ride your bike to work week”.  Yeah, we’re riding our bike to work so to speak.  Unfortunately though, there have been 8 Colorado bikers die already this year, so please share the road! Especially if you are driving in ME, NH, CT, NY , NJ, PA, MD, DC, VA, and NC in the coming weeks.

Creean was a trooper today getting across the country.  We have to get her through this little sickness she picked up on Monday. Hopefully she will come around tomorrow and hopefully sea level helps as well. Fun day Thursday to get started anywhere from 50-90% chance of rain all day. So we’ll be looking to dodge the weather as much as possible.  It took 5 weeks the last trip to see a drop of rain so clearly some payback for this adventure.

And then… we had to put bikes together. Creean’s was easy as can be. Mine not so much. Chain got all tangled up and the back derailuer was taken off making the whole but the back tire on in 5 minutes taking 4 hours and an undisclosed amount of money.  HUGE shout out to Peter and Karyn at Port City Bikes in downtown Portland ME , for staying open an extra hour. I would have not gotten my bike put back together if it weren’t for a last minute cab ride and expert help.  THANKS SO MUCH!  Enjoy the pictures and you can’t imagine how freaked out I was with basically ALL of my chain lubrication going on to my hands. 

Finally all settled in and ready to get ready for a bike trip tomorrow. Pretty bummed the night didn’t turn out where we both got a test ride in and a nice easy dinner for tomorrow, but 9:30 PM and just getting into prep work for the day tomorrow.

Stats - 2,000 miles 
Calories - 500 ish
Time - 10:45
Total Climb - 80,000 feet
Room 112
Delivery Pizza ( sucked)

Not necessarily all that awake at 4:00AM, but way ready to go!

 First look at Maine

Successful arrival of ALL of us!

Cramming it in a taxi

Easy enough, lets get our bikes together

 Disgusting!! and the cry for help

Peter and Karyn saves the day!!

Oh crap... I've got a busted rim to figure out along the way too! I'm sure this will create an side track story before its over or I can find one!

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