Friday, May 24, 2013

Trip 2 - East Coast

Time to go again. This time it'll be about 1800 miles from John's Island South Carolina to Bar Harbour Maine. Haven't been getting a whole lot of riding in, but enough here and there. First half of this trip will be dramatically different than 2 years ago as the first 700 miles or so are along the coast. Nice and flat and hopefully a nice southwest wind. Half way point is right through Washington DC and then winding the rest of the way up the coast more inland to avoid Philly, NYC and Boston. Kelly and I will head out around June 28th and then I'll take off Sunday June 30th. Going to keep it under 4 weeks I hope and back by the end of July. That includes 5 days or so with 90+ miles and 5-6 rest days along the way. Looking forward to getting back on the road again. (this may be a lot like the second kid... less pictures, less effort on the blog)

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