Friday, January 14, 2011

Just something for me to do

Mostly, right after the first response of "are you crazy? is this a mid-life crisis?", I'm getting a "Do you have a cause? Are you doing this for a charity?".

The first statement and question. Probably yes a little crazy, but a very calculated crazy is what I prefer to think. Crisis, NO. We can all imagine better places to be in, but really, my wife, family, and business is in a really great place right now and I couldn't be a happier person with all I've done that last 46 years. So, it really is to me a mid-life adventure.  I've got about 35 years of working in some way shape or form, most of it has been indoors. It's time to get outside, it's time to stay healthy, and its time for an adventure. Plain and simple as that. Hope I make it the whole way and enjoy the adventure, but if I don't I know I'll enjoy the way I do take.

I have pondered having a cause and raising money for something/somebody. But it came down to.. I'm not a real big believer that the things that are important to me need to be important to someone else. That leaves me with the cause is myself, simple as that. If you follow along when this really gets going in May and if it some how motivates you to do something good for yourself or others, even better.

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